Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fresh Baked!

Hello! How is your week going? Mine is mumbling along. I have had migraines and been extra tired - as I am sure you can tell from lack of decent blogging!- and have not really felt up to doing much but taking naps. My poor little boy! Oh well, 3 more weeks is all I have left and I am SO ready to be done! Anyway, I have quite a few new things to show you today. First up is another set of CU overlays. I love these! They are called Connect The Dots and make papers a snap to finish!
Then I have some fun fair themed templates! Perfect for those summer fair kits coming up!
Lastly- I have a QP album sampler for you! It contains QP's from 3 of my latest kits, Garden Helper, Reading Time and Oven Lovin'. A try before you buy, if you will! I am sure you will love these! You can check out all these great new products at GS or DSS. They just might be on sale too.... :)
I also got the chance to work with some great product from GS this week. I used a template from Photo Cowgirl and a kit by Kathy Winters Design-

Here is my LO. My sweet little guy, almost 3 years ago! Man, he has changed so much!
And the girls of Gingerscraps have teamed up to bring you this great new collab- County Fair {hence where the templates came from}. This kit is HUGE! I made 3 LO's with it-
My kid loves trains, had to ride it over and over!
My kid does NOT like pony rides. Nope, that pony sniffed his leg and he practically dove for cover. We couldn't get him anywhere near them the rest of the night!
And who doesn't love cotton candy? My kid sure does. In fact he wouldn't share even the tiniest bite... with anyone! Little punk!
You can find all of these great new products and more at the GS Shoppe!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Purely Patriotic

Manda has a new kit out this week called Purely Patriotic. It's a fun 4th of July themed kit. My first son was born on the 4th of July. Incidentally, so was the Dr who delivered him. Due to drugs, I was just a little loopy and kept apologizing to my Doc, saying sorry you have to work on your birthday! I guess was a amusing him though, he kept smiling and saying it's ok! Anyway, so my first little firecracker came on the 4th and I thought I'd scrap one of his first baby pictures. How sweet huh? I can't wait to meet baby #2 and compare their new born pics! Also, I can't believe my baby turns 3 in a week! Where does the time go? Enough motherly rambling. Here is my LO~
Here is the kit. Cute isn't it? You can grab it HERE
She also has an adorable 4x6 album in her store to go along with the kit!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just a few things...

First of all, I wanted to show you all some LO with my most recent collab, Daddy and Me. You can still get it HERE {on sale...}
Simona X2

And Kim X2. Such cute daddy LO's!
Next, CW Picket is back in action! I'm sure you all have missed her as much as I have. She has a fabulous new kit out this week called not the Dr. It's so cute! I know since my hubs is in medical school, I should have more medic-themed pictures.... but I don't! I think what I did turned out nicely though. You can get this kit here.
And here is my LO. We recently had a tornado in my area, can you believe it? In Idaho? It was crazy! We were lucky and only lost a few shingles, but 2 houses down from us 2 huge pinetrees got completely uprooted. These pictures were taken only a few neighborhoods away from us. Tons of trees up rooted and ruined.
Speaking of Drs, I had my 36 week appointment this week. All is looking good and I am feeling huge! I look like I am smuggling a beachball under my shirt. It's funny. I am carrying this girl so much different then I carried my son. With him I was huge all over, swollen feet, face and a huge belly. This time I have not gotten to swollen yet- although- I'm sure it's only a matter of time! LOL. I will post a picture soon. I'm sure you will notice the big difference between the last picture I posted. Anyway, time is almost here! I'll be sure to keep you all posted!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sugar Sugar QP Album

It's been a while hasn't it? I have been a little bit busy or erm.... lazy? Who knows? Summer is finally in full swing here, I love the warm weather. Everyone is always asking me if the summer heat bothers me being pregnant and all, but it doesn't. I'd much rather be hot then cold! Speaking of pregnant, I only have 4 weeks to go! Can you believe it? That seemed to go by fast didn't it? I am definitely ready to be done! I am getting tired of the Braxton Hicks. It's the strangest thing, I get them about every other day, but they last ALL day! I have heard that drinking lots of water helps, which is good because I have been downing about 6 bottles a day! It is the darndest thing! I crave ice water!!! What did you all crave? Sugar? he he I have a new QP album out today the was made with Sugar Sugar. This album is SO cute! It is 16 LO's in all. There is a good mix of blue and pinks and yellows so it makes this album perfect for boys, girls and all sorts of fun! Here are a few CT LO's that you haven't seen yet-
\And Beth X2~
Here is the album in full. Isn't it fun? You can get it at DSS or GS

And in other news- the US {my home country} is playing world cup soccer today. Know what that means to you? My whole store at DSS is on sale for 50% off- along with all the other Americans! Don't miss out on these great savings! Today only! And if my team goes to the finals, my store will be 75% off! Go USA!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day

Father's Day is tomorrow for all American's and I have the perfect kit for you! I briefly introduced it yesterday, but wanted to give you a closer look at it. Like I said it is a collab with Shelley Marie Scraps. Here is what her part looks like~
And here is what my part looks like~ Don't they just come together?
Here is a LO I made using both parts. My DS and Hubbs playing mini-golf. Too fun. Don't forget you can still get this kit for deal of the day! All this for under $2!!!! Check it out HERE

Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy And Me!

Looking for a great Father's Day kit? I have a deal for you! Daddy and Me, my newest Collab at DSS is on sale for the Deal of the Day! This weekend only! That means you get this fantastical kit between the talented Shelly Marie Scraps and myself for only $1.43!!! hurry up these saving wont last and then after Sat, it goes up full price! Be back later with some LO's! Check it out HERE

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Honey.... Oh Sugar Sugar

Ya'know that song? I have had it in my head
for ohhhh about 3 weeks now! LOL I have had this kit done and been so excited to show to ya'll! It's a mega collab with De of Flowerscraps and Oh-So-Yummy! But first things first, I'd like to introduce you to a guest CT member for this kit. Her name is Dana, and She won this "Sweet" kit through my face book group! You need to get your little hiney over there and join, you could be the next guest! Here is a little bit about Dana~

My name is Dana, or Scrappingirl around digiland. I have been digiscrapping for a little over a year now. To say I am addicted is an understatement. I have two beautiful children, ages 6 and 4 and I have been married to the love of my life for almost 9 years. Aside from digiscrapping, I love to play softball, read, travel, and spend time with my family. I have really enjoyed guest CTing for Stephanie on this fun kit!
She totally rocked this kit! Look at these 2 adorable LO's!
Thanks Dana! It was fun to meet and work with you on this kit!

Here are some more LO's from my girls!~
Meagan x2
{this is a cute desk top, but blogger smooshed it for some reason, sorry!}

Christie Dawn~
Kim x2 love how she made this kit perfect for little boys!

Simona -uh.... I want to eat some of that!
Manda even scrapped a wedding picture with it!

And here is mine! Yup I had to get my sticky little paws all over this one! My nieces graduation!
Here is the kit in the whole. Isn't it delicious? This kit is LOADED with sugary treats! It has 16 patterned papers, 59 elements, cardstock solids, and an alpha! Holy Crow!!! This kit is regularly $6 but on sale for $4! Get it while it's ooeey, gooey, sticky, and sweet!
You can get it at GS or DSS
And because I love you all, I have made a yummy little freebie for you. I think De has done the same, so check her blog too!
You can get your Freebie HERE

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hybrid Freebie

Remember like... forever ago when I said I had a hybrid freebie up my sleeve? Well, here it is finally! I made this WAY back in May for Mother's Day. I meant to give it away much sooner, but it just kind of got pushed to the back burner! You know how that is! Anyway, I used to make these when I was a paper scrapper- way back when- and thought they would be a fun and easy hybrid template. Well the photo box part was easy enough, but holy moly, it took me all after noon to get the stupid lid right. Not kidding. I am no math whiz, and it shows because I measured and calculated so many times! LOL I finally got it right though! So here it is, a hybrid photo box template. This is what my finished product looks like, cute huh? I was going to ink the edges, but couldn't find my ink.
The instructions are included in the DL. These are really easy and fast and fun to make. You can DL the template HERE {Sendspace}

If you have any questions please leave a comment, I'd be happy to answer any questions. Sometimes I think my instructions make sense- since I wrote them- but they really don't to others. LOL Leave some love if ya like hybrid freebies! I like to make them!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Deal Of the Day!

Want my new kit for a SCREAMIN' Deal? It's on Deal Of the Day at DSS! Get it HERE for under $2!!! What a steal!

Just For Fun

I have been on a roll lately with the scrapping. Must be nesting, I am sure after my baby gets here {SIX. MORE. WEEKS.} I will not be touching PS for awhile! So it's best to get caught up, right? Here are some recent LO's hopefully you will be inspired!
We took the boy bowling a few weeks back. He loved it and actually did really, really well. He was patient and waited his turn and didn't bug all the balls like I thought he would! Kit is by Nathan Designs and AWP~
Bowling LO #2 Kit is by the Inspiration Lane design Team~
And here is one of my cute niece who just graduated! I can't believe I have and 18 year old niece. Anyway, Kit is a collab between PiggyScraps and mITSYBELLE. You can find it HERE
Hope you all have a great weekend. I am going to Ikea! I am sooo excited! I love Ikea, and it's just going to be me and my mom- no 2YO and no hubby {who is only good for about 1 hour of shopping. If you have ever been to Ikea, you know that is simply NOT enough time}. I am going to stock up on baby stuff and new shelves and cooking wares and these yummy sandwich cookies they have. It's going to be a good trip! Hope you all do something fun too!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Challenge Round-Up *Gingerscraps*

At Gingerscraps this month, I swear, the challenge theme is SUMMER! Which is fine with me as it is finally warming up here and we are taking full advantage of the warm and bright weather! Well----- most of the time {you'll see}. Here are a few of my challenge LO's from GS this month~
Recipe Challenge. Beckah gives you a "recipe" of elements and you must use them in your page. This is a great challenge because there is usually a posting bonus involved! Sweet! Kit is by MandyMade and can be found HERE
Word Lovers. This is a great challenge! Julie gives you a wordy assignment and you scrap it! This month's was to list your Top 10 summer favorites. Oh and like the kit I used? I made it and you can get it for FREE by participating in this challenge HERE
The Scraplift Challenge. Pretty straight forward. Cruise the gallery and pick a LO to scrap lift! Here is mine. Kit is by me and some one else {he he} a collab coming out soon.....
The Technique challenge. You get a scrapping technique to try. We had to scrap something with summer and our LO had to have a sun in it. Well, I kinda cheated, but this is what happened only a few weeks ago! It was the end of May people! I especially like the abandoned squirt gun, covered in snow. How sad! Kit is by NibblesSkribbles and SKD found HERE
I had lots of fun with the challenges! You can too! Visit the GS Forum HERE to play along! I'll see you there!