Friday, July 31, 2009

Sneaky Sneaky

Want a little sneak of what's coming out Monday? I'll even give you another hint, it's a collab with Manda aka Nibbles Skribbles and you WONT want to miss it!

Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

The ladies at STS have done it again!! Just check out this fabulous collab for Aug!

Click here to be directed to STS

PLEAESE!!! Vote for me!

It is the time to vote for LO's again in Survivor. I did make an immunity LO, but posted it barely late, were talking minutes! SO There was like 87 people who got immunity, so VOTE FOR ME! lol. This is Survivor, and if I get voted though, I just might have a little freebie for you on Monday! What are you waiting for! Here is the thread to cast your vote for me!
Oh and in case you didn't see, here is my LO~
Which I made with a beautiful kit by PiggyScraps design. I just love the papers in this kit. They are absolutely beautiful! Here is another LO~

You can get this fab kit HERE

Thursday, July 30, 2009

BB Freebie!

Here is my BB page to go along with Tutti Fruity! Enjoy! Grab it HERE

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fresh Baked Wednesday!

I have some more templates at my store at Gingerscraps~
I give you piece-it with Circles!
Also available in 8.5 X11!

Click here to go shopping!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Threebie Freebie!

OMG! I had this scheduled to post and just realized it didn't! SORRY MANDA! I <3>
Manda, Ellay and The ScrappyKat have teamed up to bring you this great freebie! It's a threebie! How fun is that?

Here is my LO. Let me tell you, this dip is BOMB! I make it all the time and it never lasts! You have to try it!

Speed Scrap Time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hosted by ME! The prize is a Sur-Prize but it's from me, so you know it's gonna be good!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I am doing the Survivor Challenge at GingerScraps. Our first challenge was to make a LO with a great Collab kit from the Gingerbread Ladies. I helped to make it, so I know it's great! ;)
Anyway, this is mine and here is why you should vote for me #1. I put on this hideous bikin #2 I let my mom take incriminating photos #3 I had the guts (or stupidity?) to Scrap them!

And the Winner is..... {+a freebie!}

Well I have FINALLY picked my winner! Jeez! I actually picked this header a while ago. Isn't it just cute? I love it! Anyway, can the person who made this please email again? I lost your email and can't seem to find it :( I want to give you your late in coming GC!
And here is your freebie! YAY! a few overlays I made for a kit I have coming out in a bit! Enjoy!
Get these overlays HERE

New Stuff for FREE!

Manda and Nicole have teamed up this week to bring you all a fun collab perfect for summer! It's called take a dip and let me tell you, this kit is just as refreshing as the name sounds! :) Here is Manda's preview~
Here is a what I did with it. I used a template by Misty O'Brien. The Journal Tag is by Keyr of Dreams Inspired.

This Kit is free this week. so make sure to stop by their blog to pick it up!
also, here is what Misty's template set looks like. Check them out HERE.
AND~ You know how the girls at STS love to have a good sale! Well it's sale time again! Merry Christmas {in July} Have fun! Buy your self some goodies! You know you deserve it!
And one last thing. My hubby {bless him} made the comment that my little blog hasn't been receiving as much traffic as of late. SO later today I have a freebie for you.... And it's CU! So keep your eyes posted and cross your fingers that my little one takes a nap so I can actually post it for you! LOL

Off to the Zoo to tire him out! ;D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

SS Today!

I am hosting a SS today at the GingerScraps forum! It starts at 2 pm MST! We always have fun, so I hope to see you there! Here is what you will be playing for~ A freebie template made by me!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fresh Baked Wednesday!

Hello! I have a few great new products to tell you about at the GingerScrap store. First off is a set of 4 templates! They are 12x12 and in psd and tiff format. Don't worry rectangle scrappers, your set is right around the corner! Here is what they look like~

My CT have been busy! Here are a few great LO's using this template set!!
JULI~ (I just love this title!)
JANICE(Hint like this kit? It's free for a week at Flowerscraps Blog!)And here is a great LO by Manda! What a cute little guy!

So visit my store to pick up these great and oh so versatile templates!
I also had the pleasure of working with Wyld Web Designs new kit Elegant Dusk. This kit is beautiful! Here is what is looks like~Here is my LO. This is baby with his teddy bear. DH would only allow him a teddy if we named him Beast. SO my 2 year old affectionately calls his teddy "Beast". Guess that makes it manly or something! LOL I don't know! I don't pretend to understand men! Anyway, if you like this LO is is also a freebie QP on the GS Blog! Yay! Snatch this wonderful kit HERE!
{ps If some stuff isn't posted yet, please be patient and keep checkin back, Ginger is a busy woman!}

Friday, July 10, 2009

Slowly Catching up

Well, I am slowly clawing my was back to my little old blog! LOL I have been trying to catch up and un pack, and let me tell you it's not fun! LOL But in the mean time, here are a few kits I have had the great pleasure of working with.
The first is one for all you P365-er's out there. Wyld Web Designs has a perfect kit for you! Now, I am not doing p365, but this is a great kit and I had so much fun with it. Here is what the kit looks like~
And here is what I did. Poor little guy, he was so proud of his art work, wouldn't let me wash it off for days! I'm telling you this kit is HUGE! Well worth the $$$! You can check it out HERE

And here is a fun one for all those men in your life. Dad's coffee by PiggyScraps.
Here is what is made with it~ Love my Boys!

Ok, remember once upon a time when I had you all vote on colors for my new kit? Well I haven't forgotten, I have just been really slow in making the thing! LOL. But, you will be happy to know that I am almost done, AND someone is going to have the chance to win it for free! SO keep your eyes open for that.
I will see you all later!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm Back {sorta}

I am back and settled into my new house. Yay. But I am still adjusting, so hopefully I will be back full time soon. Just wanted to let ya'll know that the move went smoothly and I am trying to get back into the swing of things!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

AMerican Boy QP's

Well I am still moving, but that doesn't mean my amazing CT are taking a break! Nope, I crack the wet noodle, yup! he he anyway, here are a few QP's for you!