Tuesday, June 30, 2009

American Boy

Alright friends! It is freebie time again! Yay! This time it is a special 4th of July Kit called American Boy (but it's pretty versatile and can be used with girlies too!)
This is a scheduled post as I am moving, so I am giving it to you all in one shot! Here are some FABULOUS ideas from my CT
these 2 are ELLAY
These are CHRISTIE~
GLENDA(cool picture)~ with a template by manda!
And here is Mine!

Here is what the full kit looks like~ I am hosting this freebie over on the gingerscraps blog, so Click HERE to check it out!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Size would be nice..

Ok a few of you have emailed me about my header size. LOL I am a dork aren't I?
The size I use is

2700 x 900 in Pixels. Ok, hope that helps! :P

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Showing Off

It's not very often I get to scrap a non CT kit. So, It was way fun and a little daunting when I sat down to scrap tonight and didn't have a pile of kits I need to use. What can I say, Nicole kept me busy! Anyway, I just had to show you my LO because I thought it was fun. This is Brock's first time seeing the Ocean and he LOVED it!

I used all Stuff to Scrap product. Flowerscraps Beach House kit and the fun scallop is from Manda's Paper Shapes! Check out the STS store HERE

News, Sale, Sneaky and Contest! Oh MY!!

Wow lots to cover! Ok my news, I am moving next week; YAY~ I can't wait. I can finally get away from the traffic and mean people that make up Seattle (will miss the beautiful landscape though) and get back to good old ID. That said, it's going to be a quiet week next week. Just letting ya'know I'll be driving in a car 14 hours with a 2 year old... Suddenly staying in Seattle doesn't sound so bad... ha ha Ya Right! But not to worry, I still have something in store for you all, so watch this space next week!

Ok, the sale, Yup we are doing it again! A sale at STS! Hope to see you there!
Ok and here is a little peek at what I have coming for you next week. It is a 4th of July kit... and it's free! Yippie! And Just wait until you see what my CT has done with it. LOTS of great inspiration!
And, I have decided to have a little contest. The Prize? $5 GC to my STS store. The Catch? Well, I am getting sick of my blog header. So I figure since I am moving, might as well spruce up the blog a little bit too. So, I though it would be fun if one YOU got to design it. Rules~ Must use one of my kits (any one is fine). Deadline is Sunday July 5th. Please email your entries to ulrich.stephanie at gmail dot com. I will pick a winner and proudly display their work. If I get enough entries, I will also pick a runner up or two and reward them with $2 GC. Can't wait to see what all you creative people can do! Have a great rest of the week and a fun weekend!

QP Thursday!

OK it is QP Thursday! Yay here is a preview of my QP's this week as well as a few from my CT. You can grab my Summer Sparkle QP HERE

Here is what my LO's looked like . I'll you all a little later with some news, a sneak peek, and a sale!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wild Thing Alpha

Sorry I am a bit late on this post. We had company tonight. Anywho~
Here are your alphas. SO glad you guys are liking this kit! Thanks for all of your sweet comments, they really mean alot to me! Check back tomorrow for some QP's!

And go here to check out Nic's blog!


$2 Tuesdays!

Here is a look at what I have for $2 this week~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ready for Elements?

Are you ready for some wild elements? I am so glad you guys are liking this kit! It is so much fun! Here are a few more CT LO's!
ELLAY{who always amazes me! Look how many she did!}
{she used a template by NibblesSkribbles, you can snag it here!}
Here is what the whole thing looks like! You can grab the elements HERE!

And here is Nicole's part! Visit her blog!

More Freebies!

MandaK AKA NibblesSkribbles had done it again and created a great kit for you all! It's called Summer Sparkle and it's FREE! {if your looking for my freebie, please scroll down}
Here is what I did with is. Man, 2 year olds sure know how to pull faces! (this will be a QP later in the week) You can get the papers today, so head over to her blog!{and leave her some love!}

And Manda is the Lovely Designer at Forever Free Downloads this week! SO you get 2 MORE freebies from her! Visit Forever Free HERE!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


{link fixed! Sorry!}

"WIld THing! You make my heart sing!"
Ok, so this kit isn't based on that song, but it could be! I actually saw a little bikini in these Colors that was cheetah print. While far too scandalous for me to pull off, I was inspired to make a kit out of it. AND it is a collab with Nicole, so what's not to love? Just check out these awesome LO's by my CT
MANDA{and I did not know what a palm pre was}
And here is mine. I used both Nicole and mine own part. My little boy is such a turd. Painting himself with yogurt!

Here is what the full preview looks like~
You can grab the papers today HERE

Here is Nicole's part. You can grab these at her blog!
If ya like the kit let me know! It has been ages since I had a freebie! See ya later!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Speed Scrap Time!

New Stuff all Around

OK~ Sorry I am a bit behind on posting your sneek Peek. BUT in my defense, I do have the flu. LOL weak defense I know, but oh well!
Here are a few CT kits I have been able to work with lately. First is Strawberry Splash by Ambowife Desgins
Here is what I did~ (template by Sara Wise)
Also PiggyScraps has a fun new kit out called Pablo's Zebra. It is seriously fun and funky!

This is my niece Brenna. We are only 8 years apart and were best buds when we were little. She is in that horrific place called "High School" now. I am always telling her how beautiful she is! Someday she will believe me! You can get both of these kits at the SASy store!

And I got something new in the store too! Ya'll know how much I love cardboard, so I decided to share my beloved stash with you. Here is a set of 4 high-res cardboard overlays. All scanned and extracted by me. You also get a bonus torn cardboard overlay! Click here to check it out!

And finally, the moment you have all been waiting for~ here is a sneak Peek of what's coming next week. A freebie (Yes freebie!) collab kit with Nicole of Digi-Designs by Nicole! Trust me, you won't want to miss the WILD kit! {hint hint}