Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy NSD

Happy NSD everybody! Is your pay pal account smoking like mine right now? LOL Of course I am having a sale too! Lots of $1 kits that are getting retired, and also a few new kits {CU Included} on sale for $2!!! Sat only! Don't miss out!!! Visit my Gingerscraps or The Studio store to rake in these great savings.
Manda also has a new kit out this weekend. A wedding themed kit, and it is beautiful! It is pretty versatile as you will see with my LO's.
Are you sick of babies yet? ha ha This first LO uses a template from Manda and I's template toolbox!
AND no NSD would be comeplete with out a FREEBIE kit from me!! I give you Nuts and Bolts!
Leave some love if you like. Hope you all have a great day!


Just a quick post right now, I'm off to the doc for the glucose test. Yucky. nothing like drinking over-sugary lemon lime crap in the morning and then not eating for 2 hours and the getting poked with a needle! Good times! Just wanted to tell you about a few sales going on for NSD!!!
I also have tons of new products on sale in the $1 bin at GS too through Sat ONLY! Check this space later today, I have a super cute NSD FREEBIE kit for all ya'll! XOXO

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just a quick post today, I have a new set of layered overlays in the store today! I LOVE patterned papers, and geometric patterns are my favorite. You can use them for all sorts of kits, and they make papers a snap to whip up! I have already used this set multiple times, recognize them? he he You can check these out at Gingerscraps or The Studio
And because I love ya, here is a CU Freebie sample! Enjoy! DL HERE

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello friends! It's Tuesday! CT Day! I have a few things to show ya today. First off, Manda has a set of fun overlays in her shop. I have seen these and they are great, perfect for any designer stash! Also check out her blog for a freebie! Check these out at DSS or DSI
Also Colies corner has a new kit our out and it is sooo cute! I had the perfect pics for this kit. We bought DS a tee ball set at a used store {$3- SCORE!} He LOVES it! I snapped a ton of pics because he was just too cute learning how to swing a bat. He did pretty good for a 2YO if I do say so myself. Now we need to work on throwing... he throws like a girl!
Here is this kit. Adorable huh? And she also has this cute WA up for a buck too! Check it out HERE

See you tomorrow with a new CU product! Yay! Also, I am going to be having something fun going on for NSD..... so stay tuned for that!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweetest Thing + Freebie = FINALLY!

Whew! Last week really got away from me didn't it? There I was promising you some freebie to go with my newest kit. I am sure you all waited patiently for them...waiting...waiting... sorry then never came! The Earth Day Blog hop was a big hit though! That was fun! Sorry I never got around to the other stuffs. I had to work 3 days in a row, Thurs-Sat. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I usually only work once or twice a week. And it's nights, so I don't get home until late. And I am on my feet the whole time I am there. And my uniform doesn't fit anymore, so breathing is difficult. Have I earned your sympathy and forgiveness yet? LOL Seriously though, I was so pooped from working 3 days in a row, I slept a ton Sunday. It was soooo nice! Then to top it off, my hubbs started watching season 1 of 24, and ya know how that goes! 24 Episodes in 48 hours! Ouch, gives me a head ache thinking about it! But this week is blissfully empty, no work or plans what so ever! I plan on buckling down and doing some scrapping, I've got CT stuff to catch up on. It's going to be so nice.

Here are a few more LO's I had to show you with Sweetest Thing.
Meagan x2

And here is the full preview, case you forgot! Also, I DID get a freebie packaged up for you! Woke up early and did it this morning! Hope you all enjoy it!
There are the 3 journal tags in each of the 5 colors. Perfect for any addition to a baby page where you want to tell a little story! Enjoy these babies HERE
Have a fabulous day, see you all a little later!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Blog Hop!

Link is now fixed!!! Soooo sorry about that!!!

Here you are on the Earth Day blog hop! Here is my part~ You can DL HERE The rest of the train can be found below! Thanks for stopping by!

Earth Day!

I am involved in a very special Earth Day Blog hop! Check back tomorrow when it all begins!

Sweetest Thing

Man, this kit it a LONG time coming! Seriously! I finished this kit forever ago, like right after Rainbow Bright! But I had so much going on, it just kept getting pushed back. Finally, I have it in the stores for you all! It's called Sweetest Thing and it's my version of a baby kit! In fact, I have had this done for so long, that I have 2 freebies to go with this kit and completely forgot to upload them! So be on the lookout for them later this week! First off I have some CT LO to show you. My CT did a perfect job of showing just how versatile this kit really is, for boys or girls!

And me~
Here is the kit entirely, see, lots of baby specific things in there! Perfect for boys or girls! There are 16 Papers and 50 elements! You will love this one! You can get it at Gingerscraps or The Studio. It's on sale too! So hurry up and snag it!
After seeing all this baby stuff, I am in the mood to organize! I have wanted to organize the new babies room for some time now, but there was this HUGE foam pad rolled up in the closet. I finally got the husbeast to move it, so I can get down to business. I don't know about you, but I seem to be "nesting" much sooner with this baby then I was with the first. I am a little bored with being pregnant, and could have the baby tomorrow and be happy! LOL I am just impatient I guess! I still have 13 weeks to go! :P Anyway, see you tomorrow with a freebie! Yippies!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a few CT Kits to tell you about. Sorry forgot to mention them this morning! That is what I get for being industrial and trying to get all my work done in the am before the kiddlet wakes up! Anyway, De has this bright fun kit out! I haven't had a chance to work with it, but I can't wait! You can get it HERE
Next is this gem from PiggyScraps. Seriously though, when do I NOT love a kit from Toiny? This kit was no different! I love this kit and am looking forward to scrapping more pictures and perhaps a hybrid mothers day giftie {we'll see, I have to figure out the digi dimensions first! LOL} Here is what she looks like and what I did with it. Check it out HERE
What a cheese sandwich with more cheese on top huh?
And finally Colie has a cute kit out perfect to scrap all those days spent playing outside in the sun! check this one out HERE
Here is what I did with it!

Somthing to Cheer you up!

It's Monday, groan! Not that I am complaining too much, the weather has been beautiful here that last couple of days. Yesterday was so nice, we stayed outside pretty much the whole day, BBQ'ing Brats for lunch and burgers for dinner. I love it! I do have a few things to help you get along with the beginning of the week though, first off is the adorable new kit from Manda. Seriously, this has got to be my favorite. It's a hospital themed kit inspired by her little guy who had to have hernia surgery! {ouch!} I don't have any hospital pictures yet, but she put a bedpan in the kit at my request and I am determined to use it!
Here is my page. Don't worry that is just my Halloween costume. I was pretending someone bit off my ear. Long story. Hubs had a great time "playing" Dr and bandaging up my fake wound though! You can get this kit at DSS or DSI. And Manda has a freebie for you on her Blog
Ok, if that didn't cheer you up, this ought to make you smile. This is how I discovered my son last night. He had taken all his toys off his shelf and put them into his bed and climbed up here and zonked right out. Oh Boy. Good thing I check on him every night for reasons like this! He usually just sneaks toys in bed with him {can you see golf clubs, really!}, but this... this takes the cake!

Happy Monday everybody! See you later this week with something new from me!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Template Toolbaox

Helllllo everybody!!! How is your week going? Wens was a gem! DS and I went for a walk that turned into a 2 hour thing because I got lost. Whoops. We have lots of back paths around our house and I took one I never had before, and well before long I was way back from where I thought I would be! LOL It was ok but man, I was beat after pushing a stroller with a 40LB kid in it for 2 hours! Nap time was a blessed event, I just sat in the recliner and read a book. So nice! Today it's nice too, so we are headed to the zoo and possibly duck feeding. The ducks kinda scared me though, he he. There are like 500 that flock out of no where! Should be fun right?

So have you checked out Manda and I's new grab bag yet? Here are a few more hints~
Simona using Sweetest Thing by me {coming out next week}

Kim using PS I love You by me~
Meagan also using PS I Love You~

And here is one from me! Dying Easter Eggs. DS Loved it and we used a whisk to dip the eggs, so it was not messy as I had feared!
Ok if all the LO's aren't enough to get you excited. Here is a little clue, the names of the sets are Typus and Blockus.... that's all I'm going to say, but you don't want to miss these! Check them out at GS or DSS Very versatile! Have a great day! See you later!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fresh Baked Wednesday!

Happy Wens Folks!! Hope it's a good day for you! I woke up to sunshine for the first time in like forever, so that makes me happy! Yesterday I had planned on taking a walk, but everytime I went to go the rain would come back out. Not kidding. Like 3 times it was beautifully sunny then BOOM! Rain! It looks nice today though, so hopefully I will make my walk. I need to get some stamps!

I have been excited to show you this new product for a while now! It's a "collab" of sorts with Manda. Check out a few of the LO's from this grab bag~

Kim using Work Zone by me~
Kathy using first Favorite Things by me and then Little Daisy Bug Blog train~

Christie using a Scraps of Ellay Kit~
Juli using a JW Digi scraps kit.

And one from me!!! I think I have shown this to you already, but here it is again. Kit is Sweetest Thing by me, look for it next week!
Have you guessed what it is yet???? It's a Template Toolbox! This grab bag between NibblesSkribbles and ScrappyCocoa is jam packed with all new, never before seen templates! This bag has 4 all new products which means 16 new templates! All templates are CU friendly. Grab this bag quick because after a while it will be split up and each product will be packaged individually and sold at full price. That's right, 16 templates for only $5!!! Limited time only
Get this grab bag at Gingerscraps or TheStudio

Check them out! You won't be disappointed. I'll be back tomorrow with some more grab bag reveals!