Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a few LO's

Well hello again! I must say today is going much better then yesterday, except poor baby D had to get her 2month shots today. How sad... and how sad that my baby is already 2 months old! It seems like yesterday I was complaining about how she was taking her sweet time getting here! Anyway here she is at 2months. What a cutie :)
Anyway, Flowerscraps has a new kit in the stores today. It's a beautiful fall themed kit. I don't have a LO just yet, but will soon! Check it out-
And just for fun, here are a few LO's I have done recently. The first 2 are with my Game Time kit!
You can download the freebie QP HERE

These last 2 are with a kit by Mel Haines. I thought the elephants in this kit were too cute and had to get it-

Hope your all having a great week! Talk to ya'lls later!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Game Day

Well, shoot. LMBO do you have days like that? I swear, I have spent half of the day crying! My 3YO is being naughty and the baby wont sleep etc etc. I know we all have days like this, but dang! Anyway, my internet has been down all weekend {boooo} so I am a little late in posting these. It's my kids {from a better day LOL} from College Game Day Sat. Can you tell we are big Bronco fans? Here is Delilah {2 months old today, GAH!}
And here they both are. Cute little Turds!Here is the look at the kit once more, and here is a LO a finally got done with it!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I just wanted to pop in and show you these element and paper previews. I forgot to post them yesterday, and it gives you a better view of whats in the kit! Don't forget to check out the kit while it's still on sale at GS and DSS!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's new release Friday!!! And it's also college football season... How do you feel about that? LOL I..... well I never see my husband on Saturdays, that's for sure. Although I do love a hometown football game! Anyway, that is where the idea for this kit came, as I was watching my husband watch football all day, I thought, this would be a fun kit! Not only for your football loving husbands, but for the highschool and jr high games too!
Game time is a huge football kit with lots of fun football themed elements! This kit includes 16 papers, and 57 Elements including2 Brackets
1 Bead Spill
4 Buttons3 Cheer Out fits and 6 Pom Poms
2 Cleats
2 Clips
1 Defense
4 Flowers3 Foam Fingers
1 Football
1 Frame
1 Grass strip
3 Helmuts
3 Jerseys1 Leaf3 Pennants
6 Ribbons and Strings
1 Staple
1 Goal Post
1 Whistle
5 Word Bits
I have a few CT LO to show ya~
Meagan-And Christie Dawn-
Here is a look at the full kit- isn't it fun? You can find it at Ginger
I got a super cute BSU {as in BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY} cheer outfit for my little Delilah! It's game day Saturday and I will take a gazillion pictures so I can use this kit. SO that Brings me to the give away portion- Mercedes and Jenasis Design both guessed the correct # of ellies, which is 57. But Mercedes guessed my favorite team, so she gets the GC and Jenasis Design gets the kit! Thanks for playing! please email me at ulrich.stephanie at so I can hook you up! Have a great weekend {of watching Football, go BSU!} Oh and here is a little freebie I made for you to go with this kit! Enjoy! DL HERE

CU Freebie!!!

As you may or may not know, I recently became the proud owner of a Wacom tablet! I have been having lots of fun learning how to draw. I made these cute little word bits. They are CU friendly, no credit required! Have fun with them! Get them HERE
And don't forget to guess the # of elements one post down to win tomorrows kit!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sneek Peek and TWO chances to Win Something!

Hello there friends! Hope your having a wonderful Wends! We have been sick at my house :( Coughs and cold. The little baby girl has a cough and a super congested nose too. It's so sad. I hate sucking boogers out of her nose with the booger sucker, but it seems to help. Poor thing! So I am apologizing in advance for any comments that don't make sense, or any grammatical errors. I am running low on sleep and health! Anyway, in happier news, I have 2 things you could possibly win this week- First, I have a friend who does the most adorable things with vinyl. Check out her Blog. She has decided to start a WEEKLY give away! This week she is giving away these cute little owls {you pick the colors}. Go HERE to check out all the info and look around her site.

And I have a little sneeky for you... It's something I made for the hubs. Lets just say I love and hate this season..... Fall is great but on Game Day Saturday, my husband is parked in front of the tv all day like a zombie.. Have I given enough clues? Well lets give a kit away. I liked the game we played last time, so guess the number of elements in this kit {it's huge} more then 50 less then 60! AND if you can guess my favorite college football team, you will get a $5 GC to my store! Heres a little hint there- their colors are in sneek peek! Have a great day, see you Friday with some winners!

Friday, September 17, 2010

So Long Summer!

It's new release Friday! YAY! I have a new kit to show you today. The first official kit since the babe was born. I am pretty proud of myself for actually getting it done! It's a Mega Mini! It not a mini, yet not quite a kit, So Long Summer is perfect for scrapping all your end of summer, beginning of Fall photos. With beautiful warm colors, this kit has 8 papers and 28 Elements including-
1 Berry Branch
1 Bingo Card
3 Buttons
1 Stitch
3 Flowers
1 Frame
2 Tags
1 Owl
1 Leaves
2 Ribbons
4 Spirals
2 Splats
4 Wire Words
1 Staple
1 String
Here are some LO from the Gingerscrap CT, the are amazing!

And here are a fewfrom my CT-
Kathy {love this title, so funny and so true if you have kids!}
Here is the full preview- isn't is cute? You can get it at GS or DSS. Don't forget that new releases are 25% off all weekend at GS. That makes this kit just $2.25!

My CTM Christie made her LO into a QP for you! Snag it HERE
And Congrats to WhahooLady who correctly guessed 28 Elements. Please email me at ulrich.stephanie at so I can get you a coupon code! Thanks for playing, we'll have to do it again!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sneeky sneeky

Who wants a little peeky of what I have coming out this week? Hope you like it! It's my first since the baby and it felt sooo good to design! Want to win it? guess how many ellies are in the kit. Heres your hint. More than 25 less then 35. Good luck!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Grab Bag!

CW Picket and CO has a new grab bag in the store. You don't want to miss it! It's a steal and only available until the 30th! Check it out HERE
Here is a LO I made with goodies from the bag. This LO is also for the Mix challenge at GS. The challenge was to make a LO about something you miss. I miss having a runners body like I did one year ago. Dang baby weight!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baaad CT Member {freebie}

Well, I haven't been the best CT member lately... Besides the hustle and bustle of a new baby, we moved over Labor Day weekend. Not fun times, but what are you going to do? I want to show you a few kits from Flowerscraps {who recently moved too!}
First is this cute back to school kit.
Next is Nautical Nights. I just loved these elements. You can get either of these kits HERE
Here is what I did. Rafting the river when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant. Fun times. We all fell in at one point and the water was shockingly cold. Not enough to start labor, but it was still fun!

Also have you checked out the Challenges at GS this month? There are tons of great things going on there! Do you like templates? DO you like freebies? Well you can get this template for the template challenge FREE! SO check out my challenge, stop by and say hi!
Here are a few LO I have done for the challenges over there-
Font challenge {kit is by Mel Haines}
Technique Challenge {kit is by Pretty in Green}
And this is just for fun. Look at those bloody C-Section pictures. LOL TMI?!? I'm not shy, there is nothing to hide :) Kit is by WimpyChompers
In other happy news, I finished a kit last night! YES!!! It was liberating in a way. I'm going to think of a way for some of you to win it for free. Any ideas?

Until next time, XOXOXO