Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Award!

I got another award! Yippie!  Nicole for this fun award! Nicole really spoils us all with wonderful freebies. Go to her blog to get a super cute Halloween Brag book! 

The rules with this blog is to name 7 things I love and pass it on to 7 people. 
1. My family. Whole family (yes even the in-laws- I lucked out with them because they are amazing!)
2. Exercise. I go 5 days a week, running, does a body good!
3. Digi-Scrap!
4. My Mac book. I don't know what I'd do with out it
5. Cooking. I love cooking for my family.
6. My new car. Thank you hubby :)
7. The WWAMI-ly. I love you guys!

PS Help the starving artist... click on an add or two. Thanks

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog Award

How cool is this? I got my first blog award! Sweet! Thank you Nicole for giving me this award. Nicole is like my digi-scrap mentor! I feel like I email here every other day with questions on how to do stuff! LOL Thank You Nicole for being so patient with all my questioning and for your generous freebies! We love them!
I nominate all the newbies who visit my blog, because I am a newbie my self. Don't be afraid to jump right in there! This community is great! :D

Halloween Treats!

Hey scrappers! I have a little halloween treatsie for you. Just in time for Halloween! Yay!
Here are some cute skulls and bones.  I thought they would be fun on some spooky pages. It's all one file, so use your magnetic lasso tool (i love this tool BTW) to grab these cuties! Enjoy and Happy scrapping!
Download here

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reflection Blog LO

So... Do you like the new look? I LOVE to change my blog background! And Nicole's new kit Reflection gave me lots of different ideas. Hope you kiddies like these because I love making them! If you like these go and get them for FREE at Nicole's! 
If ya likes, let me know!
Get your header here.

Here are the direct links to insert into your Html. The codes are in order of blog pictures.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hey wonderful scraplannd! I'm back with another LO from the fabulous Nicole. She has done it again, folks. I love this new kit. Reflection. It is so versatile.  I love it. Check out the cool LO I made with it. 

Here is the paper previews. Make sure you head over to her blog to grab this freebie!  And check out all the great LO's by her CT. Everyone is creative and use the kit in very different ways.
Oh and a little treat for you, I made 3 blog LO's with this great kit!!! I liked them so much that I am going to switch my Halloweenie one. I can't wait to show you all, so make sure you check back for these fun treaties!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween QP

Hi all!
I have a halloween QP for you today. YAY. I was going to make a few, but then I put on a movie to watch while working, and weeeell you know, it turned out to be really good. Hopefully I will get more done before Halloween. Hehe. You can download here. 
Sorry about the small preview. Blogger has been weird for me lately. You can grab this kit here.

I will hopefully see you guys later for some more Halloween QP's
X's & O's- Scrappy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Cards

Hey friends! I am having too much fun with Nicole and Amber's collaboration kit Celebrate. Make sure you get to her blog!
I made these birthday cards today using elements from her and Amber's portion of the kit. I love these cards! They are 5x7, easy picture printing size. Loads of online photo services offer free prints when you sign up with them. I think I have joined Kodak, Snap-Fish, and ArtsCow to name a few. Arts Cow is my favorite though, because they give me freebies all the time. You get a ton of free photo projects just for signing up! My favorite to date? The 10 free photo books I got. These rocked. And they were good quality. So sign up with someone new, and you have your birthday invitations pre-made and all ready to go. Just type in the info before you have them printed :D
                                                                     Download here.
                                                                       Download here.
I just have to say that I loved making these. If you think I should add more stuff like this to the blog leave a comment! I think Christmas and V-day could be fun...

Monday, October 20, 2008


Hey snappy scrappers! I have a new Blog LO for you! I know I promised another fall LO, and I have one made, but for some reason, it keeps uploading the wrong size with photobucket. So as soon as I figure that out, I will be posting it. But, until then, you should be excited about the new LO! It was made from a kit called Banana Split by Nicole, the gal I CT for. It is a super cute kit and all you people with little girls will find lots of use with it!! Check it out.

Here is the direct link. Just see my first blog LO post to see how this works.

You can download the header here. Make sure you check Nicole's blog today for the elements to Celebrate. I am going to be posting some QP's for this kit also, to keep your eyes peeled!


Yay!!! I got it to work. Only in the small size though. So just click on the image to get a better view. Isn't Brock cute? I'm still mad Tim made me cut those curls:( Go and get the papers today and make sure you leave some love. Cuz no one can hear their stuff is loved too many times!
If your lucky (and if I'm lucky) I'll be back later with another blog LO to match the fall header. I've got it all ready for you...

BOOOO BLogger!

Hello scrappy land! I am so frustrated right now!!! I am supposed to upload a picture of my LO that I did for Nicole's CT, but I have tried numerous times to upload it to blogger, today and yesterday and it just wont work!!! So, please check out Nicole's blog. I had so much fun with this kit. Head on over here and see my LO plus keep scrolling to see all the other CT's LO's and read my bio and see my picture!!! I fell like a mini celeb. He He not really but, it's still cool. This kit is FREE and she releases a different goody everyday, so make sure you keep going back all week!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Word Art and some News!

Hey everyone! Here is a WO I made with brushes and a wire font. It is pretty versatile and will fit it with most fall page color schemes! The white part isn't in the download, I had to save it that way to make a preview. Don't worry, I have more WO coming, I've just been busy learning all the fun stuff I can make and give you guys ;D Download this WO here
Also, I have some fun news to share with everybody. If you look to the right you will see a new blinkie.... See it? Yup, I am now officially on a CT. How great it that? I am so excited to be working with Nicole. She creates great things. Click on her blinkie and check her out. I will regularly be showcasing LO from her kits and probably a few QP's and WO's and blog backgrounds and all sorts of fun stuff.  It should be fun, so stay tuned folks!

PS. I just checked the link for the WO and the picture in the Download looks weird, but the download comes out fine.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Blog LayOuts

Hi everybody! Sorry I have been MIA from this blog for a few days. I was so excited to start this blog and here I cant even keep it up! LOL! Anyway,
I was having issues with photobucket uploading these and getting them to the right size. Anyway, here is a fall layout and header I made using ShabbyPrincess Harvest Spice kit. You can just open the header in adobe or whatever you use and add photos and/or text to make it your own. So I experimented on my own blog with this layout, and it didn't erase any of my widgets. So, you should be ok. Just save your current Html in case. Remember, I am new to this and I am sure I will get better as time goes on, but please bear with me! :)
Above: Blog Below: Header

Here is how you make this you back ground:
Set your template to Minima
Then click on ‘edit HTML’ You'll see a crazy code with a bunch of funny signs, scroll to where you see this:

body {
margin:0; color:$textcolor; font:x-small Georgia Serif; font-size/* */:/**/small; font-size: /**/small; text-align: center;

Change that part of the code to say this:

body {

background:$bgcolor;background-image:url(direct link);background-position: center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed;

margin:0; color:$textcolor; font:x-small Georgia Serif; font-size/* */:/**/small; font-size: /**/small; text-align: center;

Now, insert this direct link in the parenthesis

And save. To get your header download here.

I plan on making a few more Fall/Autumn backgrounds and headers. Then it's on to Christmas! Yay! I am going to be adding some fun word art for your pages soon. I love making word art. Leave a comment if there is a certain name/saying/color combo you want me to do.
Have a great afternoon!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Freebies!

Hello. I have my first QP's for everyone! I was really excited to make these QP's because they are girly and I never get to do girly pages because alls I got to work with is 2 boys! I'm not complaining, but pink is my favorite color! The first QP is made from a kit called Breakfast at Tiffany's made by a wonderful designer, Vicki. You can see her blog here. I love her work and I will probably use her stuff frequently. Download here

And, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought I would do a QP for breast cancer. I'm sure we all know someone who has been afflicted with this disease. My Aunt Ann overcame breast cancer a few years ago. I truly admire anyone who faces this illness head on to fight for their lives. Congrats Aunt Ann! I love and admire your courageous defeat of this silent killer. I hope you guys can use this page for someone you know as a tribute!  Download here.

If you guys like the QP's please leave some love and let me know. This was a lot of fun for me and there will be many more beauties to come!

The New Blog!!!

Hey friends!
I have started a new blog as a creative outlet! As most of you know, I got into digital scrapbooking a few months ago. I have speedily scrapped my way through most of my recent pictures, so I decided to start making quick pages, mini-albums and designing blogs. I thought why not share with somebody since I can only change my blog background so many times in a week, right? I am new at file sharing so bare with me. I already have a few things to share with you. But not just yet... 

See ya soon!!!