Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sugar Sugar QP Album

It's been a while hasn't it? I have been a little bit busy or erm.... lazy? Who knows? Summer is finally in full swing here, I love the warm weather. Everyone is always asking me if the summer heat bothers me being pregnant and all, but it doesn't. I'd much rather be hot then cold! Speaking of pregnant, I only have 4 weeks to go! Can you believe it? That seemed to go by fast didn't it? I am definitely ready to be done! I am getting tired of the Braxton Hicks. It's the strangest thing, I get them about every other day, but they last ALL day! I have heard that drinking lots of water helps, which is good because I have been downing about 6 bottles a day! It is the darndest thing! I crave ice water!!! What did you all crave? Sugar? he he I have a new QP album out today the was made with Sugar Sugar. This album is SO cute! It is 16 LO's in all. There is a good mix of blue and pinks and yellows so it makes this album perfect for boys, girls and all sorts of fun! Here are a few CT LO's that you haven't seen yet-
\And Beth X2~
Here is the album in full. Isn't it fun? You can get it at DSS or GS

And in other news- the US {my home country} is playing world cup soccer today. Know what that means to you? My whole store at DSS is on sale for 50% off- along with all the other Americans! Don't miss out on these great savings! Today only! And if my team goes to the finals, my store will be 75% off! Go USA!

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