Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rainbow Bright and a FREEBIE

I'm back today with a few more CT LO and a freebie. Dr visit went well yesterday, not getting too big, LOL. But in other news, it is now SNOWING here! I can't believe it and I am not a happy camper, nope I am not. Hope you are having brighter days, and if your not... check out this kit! he he he


And me. I thought this kit was perfect to scrap pictures of Brock's first time eating cotton candy. What a mess by the way!
Here is the kit once more~
And I now have the QP Album in the stores. I really Love how this album came out! I am going to have to make something with it! It turned out so cute! You can check out the kit and the album at Gingerscraps or The Studio. And it's still on sale, so hurry! As for your freebie, I turned my Sugar Coated LO into a QP. Get it HERE. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rainbow Bright

I have a new kit out in the stores today. It's called Rainbow Bright, and it is just like it sounds! Bright! I love this kit! It is so fun and I think I would be great for so many LO. Girls and boys included. I do have to tell you though, this kit started out as a baby kit, and well as you can see, it took a very different turn! Don't worry, I did get a baby kit done... But you will have to wait for that! MuWahahahaha! Here are a few CT LO~
Kathy- this one makes me want pumpkin pie!-
Christie Dawn-
And Kim again, look she made a boy page!
Isn't this a fun kit? I had a blast making it! Here is what is looks like entirely~

You can get this kit at Gingerscraps or The Studio.
This kit contains 10 Patterned Papers, 6 Solid Cardstock, a lower alpha and 45 elements including~
2 Buttons
2 Clouds
1 Cluster Frame
5 Craft Flowers
2 Doodle Wings
3 Frames
4 Glass brads
5 Glitters
1 Heart Clip
1 Hot Air Balloon
2 Leaves
4 Ribbon Flowers
2 Rainbows
4 Ribbons and Ric Rac
2 Ribbon Tabs
2 Sequin Scatters
3 Strings
It's on sale 25% off thru Monday, so don't miss out on the savings! I will be back tomorrow with a little freebie and a QP album! Hope you all are having a great hump day! It's raining here, so it could be better. And I have a Dr's appt. Lets hope I haven't gained too much. Last month out of no where I gained 7 Lbs. he he guess I had to start somewhere. I'm sure I'll complain about it tomorrow! haha! XOXOXO

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready for a Little Peek?

Happy Monday my fellow scrappers! Did you all have a nice weekend? We went to the zoo for an Easter egg hunt. It was crazy! I couldn't believe how many people showed up. We were there right on time and STILL missed the hunt! Luckily my son didn't know what he was missing, so he was fine. Happily distracted with a carousel ride. Despite the crowds we had a blast. The weather was so nice. My son got to enjoy his first cotton candy, it was fun. SOOOO Glad I keep wipes in the car because he himself had turned into a pink sugar coated cutie! I'll try to get some pictures up. Anyway, we got some great pictures at the zoo and I have the perfect kit so scrap them all!

First of all, how is Scrappin' Survivor going for all of you? Hope you signed up because it is so much fun!!! Here is the collab the GS designers made to help you along the way~ Isn't it the cutest? You can check it out here
Here is the LO I made using a Template by Photocow Girl.
Brock just had to ride the lion. He was too cute waving at all the people taking pictures, I think he though they were taking pictures of him, LOL.
AND drum roll please... the moment you have all been waiting for..... {LOL I am giving myself a little confidence boost} the sneak peek of this weeks newest kit!!! I am in love with this kit. SO bright and fun! And there is a new spot in the GingerScraps forum for sneak peeks. Check it out every Sunday night for sneek peeks and maybe even a few sneaky CT LO's! I was poking around there this morning and drooling at the mouth! So much goodness coming out this week! See you all soon! XOXO

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cockle Doodle MOOOOOOO

Fisrt of all, thanks for the comments from yesterday! It is fun to hear all of your pregnant stories! I want to see pictures off all of you! he he! Just to answer some questions, I am 5'2... and a half {it counts alright?!?!}. With my son I gained 40 pounds! I was freaked about it at the time, but it all worked out, so this time around I am really not worried about the weight thing. Probably should be, but, I am have too much fun just enjoying being pregnant! Ok on to the goodies!

Manda has a new kit in the stores today. A collab with Wetfish designs called Cockle Doodle Moo! It's so stinking adorable. There is a whole file of little animal friends, they are my fav! Here is what the whole kit looks like~
I didn't have any farm pictures, but scrapped with the animal elements anyway, they are too cute! If you like these LO's check out the QP album Manda has up for sale as well, you'll find these in there!

Check out this kit at DSS or DSI

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SALE & Pics from the Belly!

Well a few of you have been asking about belly pictures. Well here you are, as my digi friends, you can be honest, because I am probably never going to meet you, there fore will be unable to punch you in the face for calling me fat! ha ha Just kidding! Sorry for the blurry pics, hubs apparently doesn't know how to run a camera!

SO here we are at 23 weeks. Into month #6. What do you say? Do I look preggo yet or just festively plump? I know my face is swelling up. :( an unhappy side effect of pregnancy for me, it's only going to get worse. Sigh...
And, if you are in the mood for a sale, check this out! She has some great templates! Don't miss out on these savings! Visit Beth's store HERE

I will be back in a day or two with a sneak Peek of my next kit. Trying to decide on a freebie to go with it. What do you all want? Alpha? Add on? Let me know!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sales and Such

First of all, there is a big Spring party going on at The Studio! Lots of fun games and a sale! The whole store is 40% off! Check out my Store HERE and Manda's HERE
And De of Flowerscraps is opening up shop at Divine Digital!!! She is having a sale too! 40% off Take advantage of these great prices and get some of those kits you have been eyeballing! I know you have been!And has this great new kit in there called Over the Rainbow. I just love the colors in this kit. So perfect for spring!
Here is a LO I did with it. I used a template by PhotoCowgirl. If you want to read the journaling, just click the image to make it bigger. It was a little tough to fill up all that space, but I had a lot to say! LOL Me? Chatty? Never!

Friday, March 19, 2010

St Patty's Frames

Well the frames from last week were such a hit that I decided to do round 2! These frames have a St Patrick's Day theme. Hopefully you haven't scrapped those photos yet! I threw some masks into the mix this time. You like them? Next week I am thinking of doing some spring frames! Enjoy! Grab your freebie HERE

until next time, XOXOXO

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something Cute!

I have something super fun to show you today. I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this kit because of what I made!!! First here is a preview of this super cute kit called Fairy Garden. It is a collab between Flowerscraps and Scrappin Serenity (Cristie Dawn on my CT). It is so cute and I love the colors! Here is the previews. You can check out this kit HERE
Remember how I said I was into hybrid scrapping lately? Well I saw something cute my friend from GS Julie {aka Hybrid Queen} had done and had to try it out. Baby onesies!!! Look how cute these turned out.
First using Hot Mom's Club - By Me- {I made that binkie clip too, they are a life saver!}
This one is using Best Days of Your Life by Connie Prince
And these last two using fairy Garden by Flowerscraps.
Aren't these fun? And they are soooo easy!!! Here is how I made them~
Design your "logo" in PS or whatever program you use. Make sure you measure the space on your onesie. I used size 3 months, so my logos were 7x3. Then reverse your image horizontally to create a mirror image for printing. You have to print on special iron on transfer paper. I got mine at Walmart. Just make sure you get the right kind. They have a light fabric transfer and a dark fabric transfer. Then print. I could fit 3 designs to one paper. Make sure you let them dry comepletey before transfering or it will smudge. Next follow the instructions on the transfer package to iron them on. When they have cooled, embellish with ribbons, bows, buttons and silk flowers. One thing I will do differently next time is trime the transfer closer to the actual image. I sort of cut them in a big circle and you could see the outline one some of them. Unfortunately these are not for me :(. I know you were all thinking, "Really Steph? More baby clothes?" But they were for a friend at work who is due in April, I SWEAR!! Although, I had a hard time giving them to her because they are sooo cute! I plan on making some for myself and a shirt for my son that says Big Brothers Rock, or something like that. Anyway, hope I have inspired you to try something new. If you are just beginning in the hybrid realm, as I am, these are an easy place to begin! If any one wants a tut on how to make the binkie holders, let me know, I will work one up! Have a great day! XOXOXO

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Goodness!

Not much going on today. It's HUMP day! But it's also St Patrick's day, so that should make it a little better? I actually have 2 green parties to attend! One where were are having corned beef and cabbage. I personally like this dish, but never make it because well it's smelly and my husbeast wont touch it. As LUCK would have it {he he} someone else is making the green themed dinner and invited me over. I am in charge of green jello. Now being from ID and having visited UT many times, you might be surprised to find out I have never actually MADE green jello! I am a little at a loss here.... Do I just make a pack of lime jello?!?! If any of you have good recipes please share! Anyway, not much new today, If you missed the freebie collab kit from last week, it is now in the stores as one big kit! Check it out at
And I scrapped a page with it last night. How often does that happen? I love the colors in this kit though. I also use a template from my new template pack. Check out that belly. It has already grown in the 2 weeks since this has been taken!
Hope you all have a great Day. Don't drink to much green liqued, There is still Thursday and Friday left this week! LOL

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hybrid Freebie!

So lately I have really been into Hybrid Scrapping. I made THE CUTEST project this weekend, I can't wait to show you, I have to wait because I used one of my CT Bosses unreleased kit, but, I did make something today that I thought I would share with you.
First of all, I found this super cute St Patty's kit freebie. It isn't the normal Green so I loved it. You can check it out HERE.
I am visiting some friends on Wens and I thought it would be nice to take them a little treat for the Big Green Day. I Looked all over the internet for a bag topper hybrid freebie and could find none, so I thought I could maybe make one. I just have to say that this template is VERY simple. It is my first ever attempt, so be gentle, LOL. ANYWAY~ Here is what the finished product looked like, aren't they cute?

I picked out the green, yellow and white M&M's to be more festive { By the looks of this picture, I like one friend more than the other, LOL not intentional!} So to make these bad boys, just design your topper, then print on a white piece of cardstock. Then cut it out. I used a quart sized ziplock bag. Fold the top of the baggie over so no writing is visible. Then I taped it so it is easier to attach the Topper. Next fold the topper in half - there is a fold here line- and secure to baggie. I used cute colored staples to secure it. Then fold the sides back and secure, I used clear tape. Embellish how ever you want. I staped ribbon tabs to the side. See how easy?

Here is the preview. You can get it HERE. Let me know if you like this sort of thing and I will gladly try to make more, because I am just LOVING the hybrid scene right now! See you all tomorrow, have a fantabulous day! XOXO

Need A Challenge?

Frist of all, I was a little surprised at how popular the word frames were! I think I will make them a regular freebie around here. I had a few requests for specific themes, shapes etc.. So if you have an idea, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do you for! Thanks for all the sweet comments, I love you guys!

It feels like it has been a long while since I have just scrapped {or designed LOL} and last night I settled in and did a few challenges over at the DSS forum! The first one here is the template challenge~ What do you think? I kinda went over board for the clusters, more than usual, but I think it turned out ok!
And then this one, well let me explain... It it my messy closet. I am a shoe fiend... I'll admit it. I had about 30+ pairs of beautiful heels that I never wore anymore -it's just not feasable when chasing a 2 YO!!! Husbeast has been trying to get rid of them for years, but you know how it is!!! SHOES! Anyway, I finally did it, got rid of all the ones I never wore {I had to keep a few} and even some clothes too. I did have to keep my nasty purple Uggs, they are hideous, but the most comfy shoes I have EVER owned. So they are staying until I can afford a new pair! Anyway, this was for the font challenge, but then I posted and realized I used the wrong font! LOL Preggers here, just call me forgetful!!! Anyway, if you want to have some fun with me in the forum, check out the challenges HERE
Kits used~ Replenish by Ambowife Designs and Renewal by Mitsybelle

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lil Freebie!

Well cuz it's Sat and I so love all of you, I have a little freebie for you! Remember this LO? I thought you might like some fun word frames for your very own! They go great with Manda's new Kit At The Park!
Here is what they look like. These are super easy to use, just pick your paper and place on the layer above your frame. Then clip them together- like you would a template. Easy! Have a great weekend! Get your frames HERE

Last Day!

It's the last Day of March's Freebie kit! Get the super cute alpha from Manda's Blog today! I am glad you have liked this kit. After the week is over, the full kit will be available at DSS, GS, or DSI.

Manda has been hard at work too because she has this adorably fun kit new in the stores this week! Just in time for spring! I didn't have any pictures from this year, but can't wait to get some because this kit is too cute! Here is what it looks like~

Here are 2 LO that I did with is. I sure had fun recreating a playground in my pages! Check this kit out at DSS or DSI

Also, I had to take a sec and show you a fab challenge at The Studio. It's the clutter it challenge! You get a free QP and get to clutter it all up! Here is mine, I used Lime Tones by PiggyScraps. Also, if you use products from DSS {ahem MINE!} you can enter your LO in the LOTW for a chance to win $5! How cool! So check out the fun challenges HERE
Thanks for all the comments about the sciatica. I think I am going to look into the chriopracter. Sounds like that worked for most of you! Thankfully I haven't had any pain since then, but sheesh the girl is only 5 1/2 months along! Thanks for the support! Have a great weekend! I have a fun little freebie in the works, so keep an eye open for that sometime this weekend!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Beginnings Part 2 from me!

Hi! Being real quick today! Sorry I am late with this post! Last night I experienced the baby sitting or pushing on my sciatic nerve for the first time. NOT FUN let me tell you. I could not sit any way and be comfortable. I really hope I don't have 4 more months of this! Have any of you ever had this? Any tips?

I am now at home and back on my own computer. Ahhh it is good to be home using my own things! Although the break from designing was nice and now I have some great ideas and mojo ready to flow! SO here is what you came for! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Product Wens!

I love Wens!!! It's the new product day! And this Wens you are also get Manda's 2nd Download to New Beginnings. I am still visiting my mom and fighting with windows. :P We've been having lots a fun though. Met up with my MIL and she handed me a HUGE bag a brand new baby clothes! It is so funny how people like to shop for girls. I think I should stop buying clothes on my own and just leave it up to the Grandma's! LOL anyway, new for today I have a set of templates. These are my favorite so far. I wanted to get a page or two done with them, but don't have anything I need here, Thankfully My CT has done a wonderful job with these Babies. Here is what they look like~

Most of my CT used New Beginnings for these

Meagan x2 using Boy Meets Girl on the 2nd one



Christie Dawn~You can get these At GS or DSS
Don't forget to stop by Manda's Blog! See you tomorrow my Lovlies!