Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still Here...{Freebie-SSS}

Yes I am still here. Little over a week ago, my family and I made the 24 hour across 4 states} move to MN. We are here and wow it does take time to unpack and organize. I have to say, I am SO sick of moving. Hubby and I have moved 10 times since being married 6.5 years ago! That just isn't right! Thankfully we will be here for 3 years definitely, so that's good. Anyway,

amidst all the chaos, I did find time to do a little design work. I am in the DSC design factor. So far it's been fun, although we are only one challenge in! My goal is to hopefully make it to the finish line! This means lots of freebies for you! This weeks kit was supposed to be a summer type kit and 100% CU FREE! Yikes! What a challenge! So here you are, Chevron Summer, 100% me- with the exception of the fonts. It has 11 papers, 28 Ellies and a lower case alpha! Let me know if you like! You can DL and cheer me on HERE
And because my readers are the best I have another freebie just for YOU! Get the CU OK doodles FREE here! Hope you like! Have a great day!