Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Today in the US it is Memorial Day. It is a day of remembrance of those who have died. Today I'd like to say a special Thank You to all our Service Men, young and old, who have fought bravely for our country and selflessly given their lives. Thank You, Thank You Thank You

Memorial Day is also the kick off of summer to lots of folks! I thought I'd offer up a little coupon to help get your summer rolling. Use coupon Code Mem_SC at Gingerscraps today through June 3 and receive $2 off a purchase of $4. That's Great savings! If there are some kits you want, now is the tim
e! I posted a few of my recent additions to get you thinking! Shop HERE

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What I've been Doing~

I have been such a lack luster blogger and scrapper lately. I've been a "blooger" { a blogging booger}. It seems like it is just one thing after the next. Wends my DS had the flu and was puking all morning! Poor little guy. He just wanted to lay on me and sleep. I though I dodged the bullet, but I wasn't so fortunate. Friday I got the flu. Yuck! I haven't had the flu like that for ages. The gut wrenching, tear out my stomach, just want to die feeling. Not fun. Luckily I got a prescription from my Doc the takes away the nausea and helps me sleep. SO that helped... A little. Anyway, I am feeling better and have some recent scrap LO's to show you. I finally got around to scrapping my Easter pics!
Kit is Down The Bunny Trail by Gingerscraps Ladies
Kit is Bunny Hop by Colie's Corner
Kit is Rock and Roll Cafe by the Gingerscrap Ladies

AND I have a new kit coming out next week. I had the perfect pictures for this kit. Here is a sneek peek of the upcoming kit! Hope you like it!
Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! No more sickies!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reading Time {freebie}

I'm back with a few more CT LO to show you with my latest kit, Reading Time
Remember you can get this kit at Gingerscraps or The Studio. On sale for a limited time!
Here is the reminder of what my LO Looked like. You can grab this QP HERE

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reading Time!

I have a new kit out in the stores today. I have been so excited about this kit! If you have kids or grand kids and they are anything like mine, they love to read! I have so many pictures of my dear son reading picture books to himself. This kit is the perfect kit to scrap all those fun reading times. With bright colors, and fun characters, this kit is a must for any scrappers library. Kit includes 16 papers, and 53 elements including~
Fun story book character like the big bad wolf, a little pig, 2 book worms, a hedge hog, an owl and a snail.
3 Apples
2 Arrows
2 Doodle Boarders
1 Book
3 Buttons
1 Clasp
1 Clip
2 Clouds5 Flowers
3 Frames
4 Glitter Sprays
1 Leaf
1 Mini Boarder
2 Mushroom Houses
4 Ribbons
1 Staple
3 Strings
3 Tags
2 TreesHere is some great CT LO's! I love my team! They always impress me!!

Kathy x2

Kim x2

Christie Dawn
And ME! I had these pictures forever and couldn't wait to get this kit done so I could scrap them. That is my little boy reading Sesame Street books that I used to read as a kid. How fun is that? His favorite is Elmo, but these books were made before Elmo's time, LOL his second favorite is Bert and Ernie though! I might have this as a qp freebie tomorrow... we'll see :P
Here is a little freebie alpha I made for you all. Pretty versatile, could be used with so many LO's! You can grab this alpha HERE
Hope you like it! Leave me some love, I'm getting pretty huge and need extra love these days. LOL
Here is the full preview- isn't it fun? Full of fantasy and whimsy and all those fun things little kids associate with reading books! You can get it at Gingerscraps or The Studio, on sale!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Anybody There?

Hello? Anybody remember me -tink tink tink- {that's me tapping the dusty computer screen, LOL} I have been MIA lately haven't I? I have been in a little funk lately. Last week I had a little cold and it pretty much wiped me out. I was so tired. I slept in, took naps when Brock did, and went to bed by 9. It was a weird week or two. I didn't want to do anything digitally related. I was so tired. BUT I am back now! With belly pictures. I am 31 {almost 32} weeks along now and really feeling it. I am at the stage where she is either pressing on my sciatic {can you say OUCH} or playing drums on my bladder. And let me tell you, when I was pregnant with my son I never once got up in the middle of the night. Not once. I am way to stubborn to sacrifice precious sleep to get up and go. Well that time has come again. Last night I woke up and had to go, BAD. Of course I just rolled over, but wow. My bladder was in actual pain. I double thought the idea of getting out of bed.... but didn't. Lets just say this morning I could barely walk to the bathroom! LOL I am way stubborn, I know. I just love my sleep! Anywho, here is what we are looking like. I told my husband to keep my cankles out of the shot, no body wants to see those!On to other news, De and Manda have a very cute kit out this week! If you have bath pictures you need this kit! I just love these colors and the bright elements. You can find this kit at DD or DSS
And I have a sneek Peek for you. This is the kit coming out next week. If you have kids who love books and love to read, this is going to be the kit for you! See you later!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh Baked, literally!!!

I've got a new kit out for you today, and it smells so yummy! The perfect kit to scrap all your kitchen adventures! Everyone has pictures of kids into chocolate chips, or pictures or dinners that turned out perfectly... or not so much... Use this kit for all those wonderful memories! Kit includes 16 papers, full alpha, 53 Elements including
3 Buttons
Lots of cooking stuff- chef's hat, cups, dippers, spoons, spatulas, fridge, frying pan, shelf, mugs, oil, salt shakers, oven, tea pots, timer, toaster and even a kitchen sink!
4 Flowers
1 Frame
3 Scatters
2 Leaves
2 Photo Corners
3 Ribbons
1 Staple
3 Tags
Just take a look at these delicious CT LO's!
Aren't they fun? And here is a full preview! It's on sale this week at DSS or GS! I also want to add that these 2 stores are running smoothly. My heart goes out to all the stores out there having server issues! What a pain! Don't miss out on these savings! I really wanted to scrap a picture with this kit, and even made multiple batches of cookie trying to enlist DS help, but it never worked out! Some day, someday!
I'll see you lovelies later, it's a beautiful day outside and I am going to take full advantage of it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a Marvelous Day....

In scrapland that is. It's rain where I am at! In fact I got a bike trailer for mother's day and DS and I were out on a little ride and got rained out! Good thing the trailer has a rain guard. I however was not so lucky. But it was ok, it felt good to get out and get my heart rate up. That hasn't happened in a while!

I have a few fun things to show you today. First of all, it's a new month, which means new challenges. Here is a challenge LO I did for the pop culture challenge at Gingerscraps. The song for the challenge was Bob Marley, Little Bird. I love that song so I had to participate. Kit is metal man by mITSYBELLE and is available at DSS
Next, De of Flowerscraps has an ADORABLE new kit out, called Choo Choo. This kit is perfect for me because DS is CRAZY about trains and thomas and all things CHOO CHOO. Check it out HERE
Here is my LO. My DS is a crazy sleeper. Here he is with every train he owns in bed with him.
And manda has a FREE KIT out this week!!!! Go to her BLOG to check it out!
Here is my LO~
I also have a hybrid freebie in the works! Yay! I just have to get the tut all written up and then you will get it! I have a feeling you will like it, hopefully, it took me like 10 tries to get the lid to fit on right! LOL Have a great day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

DSS May Color Challenge

I decided to do the May Color Challenge at DSS again this month. The colors are just so pretty, perfect for Mother's Day LO's Here is my part! You can get it HERE. Let me know if you like it! Make sure you check out the forum to pick up other mini kits and make a LO! you could win a $5 GC to DSS!

A little Inspiration

Here are some more LO's to inspire you! We can all use a little inspiration right?




And the preview once again! You loving these LO's as much as me? Well I am hosting the Scrap and Swap at DSS this month and lots of my CTM's are participating! Do a LO and email me a QP and get the WHOLE album for free at the end of the month! How fun is that?