Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Treat

I am back again today for the Sunday Treat. Since the Grandpa's Word Art from Grandpa's Pants was such a hit, I decided to make a Grandma's Word Art. Sorry no matching kit to this one. Maybe some time in the future though! Get your free WA here
And here is your little peek at what is starting tomorrow! I made this kit for my friend Melissa. You have seen a few of her pages on my blog. A while ago she asked me to do Seattle Beaches kit. I couldn't think of much so I came up with the colors and she basically told me exactly what elements and textures she wanted. It is not a typical beach themed kit because, Seattle's beaches are kinda cold and not great for swimming! Some are though, like Madison Beach in my LO. But mainly, Seattle beaches are great for clam digging and picnic lunches-my son's favorite!
Here is my LO- 
And here is a LO from another of my friends, Mandi. She is also new to digital. I love this LO. She did a good job. So, I welcome Mandi to my little "CT"! 

I'll see you on the flip for the papers! 

Fixed Header

someone just left a comment that my Love and Joy Header was in Jpeg format. How silly since it is only saved in png on my computer! I guess 4shared was being weird again! Here is the up dated link. Sorry if any of you tried to use this! And THNAK YOU! For the person who told me!
New header here.
I will be back later today for your real Sunday Treat and a Sunday Sneek Peek of tomorrows new kit!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Another LO

Hello and  happy (?) Black Friday. Did any of you go out and enjoy an early morning full of shopping madness? Not me, I'd rather sleep in than get a black eye fighting over some stupid Furbie! (remember those creepy things?)
But, I did get another LO done using Piggy Scraps debut Greener kit. I also used used her CU circle brushes in this LO. I have to say, it was relaxing to sit and make a page instead of designing
 -which I have been very busy with lately-
Here's how it turned out~
Get the kit or brushes here

I also need to say that I made an alpha and some WA to go with the first installment of the Seattle Trilogy, but in getting my new laptop and switching stuff over, I lost it :( So when I have the time, I will make a new one, but I also can't find the font I used....
Might just have to start over...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seattle Rains Elements 2

Here are the remaining elements for Seattle Rains. Enjoy!
Leave some love and have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Download here

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seattle Rains Elements 1

Here is the first installment of Seattle Rains. This pack has 20 elements. The 2nd pack has 27 elements, so much more coming tomorrow!  The rain boots are my personal favorite. If you like leave me some love, it's like my power food for designing! LOL Have a great day!
Get your elements here.
And just a little hint, next week (hopefully if I stay on track lol) I'm still in Seattle for the American Tour, but I will be focusing on Seattle's beaches. So even if you have never been to Seattle, this will be a fun kit! 

Monday, November 24, 2008


I forgot that Nicole has a new kit starting today! I loved the colors in this kit. Here is my LO. Be sure to stop by here blog to grab the papers and leave some love!

Seattle Rains

Happy Monday! I actually don't like Mondays. They mean lots of cleaning for me! Anyway, I finished a new kit! Yay! I don't know how the likes of Nicole can keep up with a kit a week! That would be exhausting! Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, I am going on a American Road Trip. With scrap kits that is. First stop- SEATTLE- because I live here! So, the first part of this mega kit (1st of three) is called Seattle Rains. It has lots of rainy and wet elements. The papers are highly textured and trust me, due to my poor preview making skills, the preview doesn't do the papers justice. If you have even been so Seattle you will like these papers because a few of them have the Seattle skyline. So enough rambling. Here is my LO
Here is the preview-

Download your Papers here. Don't forget to leave me some love either by comment or shout box. Clicking an add is always appreciated too! See you tomorrow with part one of the elements!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Treat

Hello Sunday Scrappers. Is anyone even going to even check and see if I made a Sunday Treat? LOL I have had a lazy scrap week for some reason. I have NO excuse now though because I have my own work space! haha Anyway here are the better late than never Love and Joy Blog LO's. Since it was a collab kit, I used Both Amber and Nicole's stuff. if you haven't check out their blogs lately you need to! 
I tried something different for the header this time. Let me know what your think. It is is png format and layered so you can easily slide a photo in there. I know it is showing black, but it is transparent. If anyone wants the traditional header, let me know and I will whip one up. 
Get your header here.
 UPDATE: I guess this header was in jpeg. Here is your updated link

Also, I have a little sneak peek for you. I have busy working on my next set of kits. I have decided to take an American Road Trip! First place on my list? Seattle of course! And, I was so overwhelmed with all the cool things in Seattle, that I broke it down to three (supposed to be mini) regular sized kits! LOL I don't know if all the kits on my American Road Trip will turn out so huge, but I live in Seattle so the inspiration is in abundance. So here is a fab page my friend Melissa (my honorary CT :) has put together. I love it! And that's us on a ferry in Seattle last year.  

Friday, November 21, 2008

L&J Blog LO

Hey friends! Bad news... I know I promised Blog LO's today, but... well. I do have them done, but 2 of the LO's are on hubby's computer (since he got me my own mac book for our anniversary... spoiled I know...) And I figured you all would want previews, right? He was SO excited to erase all my digi-scrap software, it was hilarious! I have 8.5 gigs of scrap kits alone! HAHA. I should probably downsize huh? So hopefully he hasn't erased my LO's yet. But I promise I will get these posted either late tonight or first thing tomorrow. And they are really cute! So keep checking. I used both Nicole and Amber's parts of the kit. 

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sorry for the lame scrap blog lately! I have been busy with trying to finish my next kit (which is going to be HUGE!) and various CT duties (which I love :) and today was a crazy fantastic day. You can read about it on my personal blog if you want(4th wedding anniversary woo-hoo!) . Any way,
Ms PiggyScraps has a new kit in the store. It is called Soothing Daisy's and I love this kit. I even made my very first Brag Book from it! It was a lot of fun and is up as a freebie here.
I wish I had a little girl to make into this BB. What a great Christmas gift for Grandparents! Here is the preview of the book. 
I know I usually post Blog LO on Wens but, Nicole is in Paris and I'm going to be lazy as a jealous protest! JK It's been crazy here so, hopefully I will get them done and ready for tomorrow. I will make some I promise. You guys liked the kit too much for me not to make them! Have a great day and leave some love wherever you go!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yes, Hi again. I just saw this on my Google Reader and since I posted the cards today, I thought you might like this. Even if you don't use my cards, it's still a great deal!
You Are Welcome!

Snapfish is offering free shipping on all orders placed today using the code SHIPALLFREE. If you've never placed an order with Snapfish before, you can get 50 free prints plus free shipping if you sign up here and order them today with this code.

This would be perfect for getting some free family photos to stick in your Christmas cards!

More Christmas Cards!

Hello scrap friends! My, my you sure like Nicole and Amber's new kit! And why shouldn't you? They are amazing designers! I've made a little treat for you today! I actually haven't been that productive, in fact I'm still in my sweats! LOL But, seeing how Baby Cocoa was up from 12-4:30 am (no he's not sick, just felt like whining for a few hours) I think I am justified! 
Here is what I did get done so far...
A new LO for Toine at Piggy Scraps. This kit is called Falling for Fall and I LOVE it. It's also on sale right now for a steal... You can get it here. 
I just love this picture of me and Baby Cocoa. Doesn't the Space Needle look cool? Oh and a Little Piggy told me this might become a QP so, you better keep  your eyes open to here blog.
And now for your Treat! I have made 3 more cards from Nicole's Kit Love and Joy. These are the last installments so you had better grab them because I'm not leaving them on 4shared for long :c Anywho- I thought these turned out super cute. I can't wait to send out my almost free Christmas cards this year! (ya know, shipping... grumble)

Grab your Cards here. Please leave some love or a shout out. I love the comments. I just have to say a big thanks to Michele who ALWAYS leaves a comment. You are soooo sweet! I will hopefully be back tomorrow with some blog bling, so keep on keepin' on!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday Trea....What? It's already Monday??!!!

Where oh where do my weekends go so fast? I cannot wait for a Holiday break!
Anyway, I actually made these late last night. Mr. Cocoa needed the computer all day for homework, so I didn't get to post till today. So, for you Monday-Sunday Treat, I have a few WA to go with the GrandpasPants kit. Hope you enjoy. I thought the sayings were cute. Download here
Link Expired, please visit my store.
And I have a few CT LO's to share with you. This one I used PiggyScraps Debut Blueer Kit. I thought the blues went well with the swim theme. As you can tell my boy loves swim lessons! You can get this here. If you want to see my formal intro to her CT go here. I have to say she made me blush!
And seriously Nicole, can you get anymore generous? She has once again teamed up with Amber of Stolen Moments Design and came up with a great kit called Love and Joy. This is a huge collab, so make sure you visit both sites to pick up these Christmas goodies. Here is what I did with it-
And I even used it in a non-traditional Christmas LO. It is pretty versatile.
So make sure you get to their blogs for this amazing freebie. I will be making some cards and blog LO with this one. Nicole is leaving on vacation soon, so make sure you leave her some extra love! 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Grandpa's Pants

Here is a cute page that my friend Melissa did with my kit Grandpa's Pants. Cute huh?

Another CT

I have joined another CT. Yay me! 
This one is for Piggy Scraps. Make sure you check out her blog and her store. She makes fab kits. This Vintage Skis kit is great. And it's on sale right now! 
Here is a LO I made using Piggy Scraps Vintage Skis Kit. This kit is SO cute and you can get it here
Be sure to check back on Sunday for the Sunday Treat!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shout Box

As 4shared is being really weird about the comments section, I have added a shout box to my blog. Don't be shy to tell me what you think. I really miss reading all the lovely comments from 4shared. They are the best! 

Grandpa's Alpha's

Sorry for the late post today. That is the problem with sharing a computer with hubby! Anyway, today I have a few fun things for ya. Firstly, have decided to send photo Christmas cards this year. Last year I made every single card by hand. It was fun, but just a huge undertaking. So today I have a few cards with Nicole's Wonderland kit and my SnowAngels kit. I only did a few, but check back next week because I will have a few more then. Here is an example card. I like the idea if multiple photos because, well with a 16 month old, it is impossible to get a good family picture!

These are layered in PNG format so just put your picture underneath the scrappy layer! Get your cards here.
And here is the alpha for Grandpa'sPants. We'll see. maybe I will make up a few QP's. Hope you enjoy and have a great day!  Get your alphas here!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Birthday Fonts

Someone asked what fonts I used for my birthday invites. You can find them here. 
The ones I used were Cammi-pea and Sara-cute. This is a great website for free fonts by the way. I check it regularly! Enjoy!

Grandpa's Pants Elements #2

Hello! I'm back today with some more goodies for you. First of all, here is the second installment of the Grandpa'sPants Elements. This part has more of the old grandpa-ee feel to it. I hope you enjoy. Be sure to leave me some love on the blog since it is now a pain on 4shared!
Get your elements here.
Link Expired, please visit my store
And here are your blog LO's to go with Nicole's kit Wonderland. I think these turned out really cute, if I must say so myself. I really like the way my blog looks anyway! And if you want to see how the SnowAngels ones turned out, you can check my personal blog!
Also, if you are new to my blog, I added a Post on how to use my LO's in the labels. It is super easy! Have fun! See ya tomorrow!

Get your header here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How To Use My Blog LO's

I have had a few people ask how to use my blog LO's. So here are instructions and this time I saved it with a label, so if anyone needs too, they can just check the label. Dont worry about saving widgets, you won't lose them with these LO's. YAY!

Here is how you make this you back ground:
Set your template to Minima
Then click on ‘edit HTML’ You'll see a crazy code with a bunch of funny signs, scroll to where you see this:

body {
margin:0; color:$textcolor; font:x-small Georgia Serif; font-size/* */:/**/small; font-size: /**/small; text-align: center;

Change that part of the code to say this:

body {

background:$bgcolor;background-image:url(direct link);background-position: center; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed;

margin:0; color:$textcolor; font:x-small Georgia Serif; font-size/* */:/**/small; font-size: /**/small; text-align: center;

Now, insert this direct link in the parenthesis

Fixed Header

I guess the header from the SnowAngels blogs was a little off. I fixed it and here is the new link! Sorry!

Christmas Parties

So, is anybody else starting to really get excited for the holidays? I can't wait until Dec 12. That is when Mr. Cocoa gets out from school! Yay! Plus with all the great holiday freebies  floating around, it's hard not to get excited! Nicole has the elements on her blog for Wonderland. Look how cute the trees are. Don't you just love them? 
I must say, you kiddies are being spoiled this week (and it's not even Christmas yet!). The invites I made before were a pretty big hit, so I made some Holiday invites. I don't know if you guys ever had Holiday get togethers, but we did. These are 5x7 Perfect picture (or email if you are lazy like me...) size. And tons of photo places are offering free prints. So make sure you check that out!

Download the cards here

I have the first installment of Grandpas Pants elements. Yes 1st installment. This kit is pretty big! Enjoy the freebies! Make sure to keep checking back all week because I have more Christmas Cheer up my little sleeves!

Get your elements here.
Have a Wonderland kind of day!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grandpa's Pants

Hello Scrappers! First of all, Nicole has a new kit, Wonderland, that is just awesome. I'm going to let you in on a little secret... I made some fun stuff with Wonderland, so make sure you keep poppin' in to see what I have in store! Hop over to her blog to grab this FREE kit! Here is my LO. This is when Mr. Cocoa and I had only been married for a year. Don't we look young?
And.......I made another kit! YAY. I really like how this one turned out. When I first set out to start a new kit, I had a Christmas theme in mind, but I couldn't come up with anything that I loved. So,  I just played around and came up with this. As for the name, when ever I asked my mom a question she didn't know the answer to she'd reply "I don't know, Grandpa's Pants". So I asked my self, what shall I call this funky creation of mine... And the rest is history! Leave some love if ya likes or click and add. I really love all of your comments! Great motivation!
Download Here
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Treat

Back when I was a little kid, my mom used to give us "Sunday Treats" if we were good at church. Well, I don't know if you were good today, but I decided to give you a Sunday Treat anyway. I actually wasn't going to make these, but a someone requested them, and I think they turned our really cute! Thanks again for all your comments. I love them. Maybe we will make the Sunday Treat a permanent thing! Have a beautiful Sunday! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the first installment of my next kit!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A little of what's to come...

I can't believe that I got another kit done this week! Don't get used to it though, because I'm sure it wont last! LOL Anyway, as a sneak peek, here are a few LO's I made with it. Make sure you check back tomorrow for papers! 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snowangels Add-On

Hello Scrap friends. Here is the promised Add-On. I actually made the elements last week, but was at a road block with the papers. But, I emerged and I think I came up with a few cute papers. I think the preview turned out a little better than the other ones. I have decided that I DON"T like making previews! LOL Anyone know of any good preview templates or anything like that out there?  If you like leave some much appreciated love (or click an add :) Thanks!
Download Here

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snowangels QP's

Here are a few QP's I made to go with my Snow Angles kit. You might notice that some of the elements and papers weren't included in the original download. They are in a little add-on I made for you sweeties! Check back tomorrow for the add-on. Thanks so much for your comments, they really uplift and motivate me! Keep 'em coming!

Download QP'S here.