Friday, March 27, 2009

Time to Show off.... PiggyScraps!

Alrighty, I have 3 fabulous kits to show you today, all by PiggyScraps. First off is Watermelon Spring. I have the perfect pictures for this kit! This is my baby trying to eat watermelon on his first birthday. Too funny. I also used a template from the Fabulous NibblesSkribbles! Visit her store here to see all the goodies she has for you!
Here is my 2nd LO. This is a huge Flower at the San Diego Zoo. I love San Diego!

Here is what the full kit looks like. Isn't it adorable?
And here is another LO I did with another Fab kit, Rockabye Baby. This is my LO for the recipe challenge at the Forum.

Here is what this full kit looks like. This is one of my favorites. The colors are just gorgeous.
And another one of my favorites, Aqua Noir. These are my twin Nieces, Shelby and Shayla. How cute huh?

Here is what this kit looks like in all it's Glory!
Visit here store here. And keep your eyes open next week for lots (LOTS) of fun and exciting happenings! Have a great weekend!


kladle said...

Love the watermelon layout! So cute! I also LOVE the Aqua Noir kit. That is beautiful! I think I may have to go snag that one! Great job with the layouts!

Michele said...

I LOVE that watermelon LO! It is adorable!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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