Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've been Tagged!

Ok, I have been tagged! Jen, from Graham like the Cracker, got me! I think everyone knows the rules by now, so here is my picture. It is actually the 4th one, since there wasn't 6. This is my little guy enjoying a bottle of ROOT BEER!. He loves the stuff if he can get his hands on it! He he! I am tagging everyone on my CT that hasn't been tagged yet!

Also, I am hosting the template challenge at Ginger Scraps again this month! Here is your template. It was made by the fabulous Manda, on my CT. I got so many comments on my Fresh LO, that I decided to use this template so you all could have it! Just like last month, if you complete 4 challenges, you get the Team Collab for free!
Here is my contribution to the collab~

And here is the full kit! So run over to GingerScraps and Participate on one of the many fun challenges!

PS~ I can't believe how "long" my little contest lasted! LOL can the winner please email me, so we can get in touch! Thanks! ulrich . stephanie @ gmail . com (no spaces) Thanks!

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Bickers Family said...

hey! i have an award for you on my blog ;)