Thursday, July 29, 2010

Midnight Lake

I just cant get enough of the designer ladies at DSS! Seriously! I snuck in the time to finish one more collab before the baby comes {which is today, this is a scheduled post, I could be pushing right now!} and I am glad I did. I love the colors and theme. I could have created a whole kit! This time I have teamed up with Carmen of Lightening Bug Creations and Amber of Ruby Lane and we and pulled together to make this beautiful kit. I give you Midnight Lake. Here are just a few CT LO~
Here are the individual parts-
And the whole thing! Didn't it come together beautifully? Also it's on sale, so don't miss that! Check this kit out HERE
Here are 2 LO's that I even did with this great kit!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Introducing Baby Cocoa!

Kit by Flower Scraps "Eileen" and template by Mandagirl

It's A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got a text message from Steph, guess who had her baby! A beautiful baby girl (photos coming)! I am so happy for Steph and the whole family, it's been a long wait but so worthwhile I'm sure! I so wish I had the money to fly to ID and meet the baby in person (Steph too). I teared up when the text came in - what a lucky family they are!

Little Baby Cocoa weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and was 21.5 inches long. She was a breech baby, and came into the world via C-Section early this morning.

Everyone leave lots of love for Steph, Tim, Brock and Baby Cocoa - and if you have any name suggestions, leave those in the comments too, because as of now, this baby is still nameless!

Download Link:

Freebie Updated!

Last Day...

Today is the last full day to get the freebie kit, Wishing, Waiting... Unfortunately, I have failed to go into labor on my own, so I am getting induced tomorrow bright and early, 6 am. I don't think I could have waited another minute either. If any of you mother's have ever gone a week, heck even a day over, you know what I am saying! Thanks so much for all the warm labor wishes! I just love the scrap community, ya'll are so nice and warm and fuzzy! I will definitely be posting baby pics for you all to see when I get them!

Today to pass the time I finally scrapped my DS 3rd birthday. He turned 3 over the 4th of July. I, being the camera happy mother that I am {aren't we all though?} snapped about 50 pics and of course I want to use them all! I have been dreading scrapping the event for that reason, multi photo LO's are just not my forte! Just ask the girls who play my Template Challenge at GS, he he. But I found these adorable Templates and I just LOVE what I did. Take a look~

Aren't those fun? And lots of journal space, which I love! I just thought I'd show these to ya! Check back later as I managed to finish one last kit {a collab} before the big day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wishing, Waiting....{Freebie}

As you all know, I am still pregnant. Going on day 5 overdue. Not a very fun way to spend the week. It may be in my head, but since my due date has past, it seem like I am showing some unfavorable pregnancy symptoms. My feet and hands are much more swollen and I ache all over blah blah blah! I am sure you are sick of hearing it! Anyway, since nothing exciting happened on my due date, I decided to start a little kit called Wishing Waiting... Something to take my mind off what wasn't happening. Since this was kind of last minute, I only have one CT LO from Meagan. She is in the opposite boat that I am. She just found out she is having a boy! So congrats to her! This is what she made with the kit~
Here is what the kit looks like. Don't you just love the colors? This kit is going to be free for a limited time. Only until I have the baby. SO either Thursday morning when I am scheduled to be induced, or anytime before that- if Mother Nature is so inclined! So let me know if you like the kit, it's always nice to know freebies are appreciated! You can grab the kit - I had the baby! YAY! Link expired. Please visit my store!
Here is a lo I did with it- Template is by MandyMade available at Gingerscraps. I just love the B&W photo with the colors.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wishing, Waiting....

I have a little peek for you... It's coming out Monday, and it's a FREEBIE! I made it while wishing and waiting for my little girl to come. If you have guessed yet, my Dut Date was the 22nd.... and it came and went.... no baby. SO I decided to start a new kit to keep myself sane and occupied. So, unless the babe decides to surprise me, check back here on Monday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Waiting... And Scrapping...

Well today is officially my due date. Why do the last few days seem to drag by so unbearably slow? I am going crazy! Really I am! I haven't designed much because I don't want to start something and have it get interrupted by labor. But, perhaps that would be the trick. Start a project so the baby can come and interrupt it! Anyway, I have been catching up on a lot of scrapping. It has been really nice actually. I figure once {if ever} the Little Miss gets here, I will get far behind. I mean you know how it is with a new baby, you snap like a zillion pictures in no time. So here is what I have been working on to occupy my self-
Kit is by Marshmella Designs-
Kit by Terri's thing-o-majigs-
kit by Faith True-
Kit by NibblesSkribbles {face book freebie coming soon! If your not a fan, what are you waiting for!}
See? I've been busy. BUT at the same time I am about sick of the computer! I am ready for bigger and better things! I am off to the doctor in about an hour, so lets hope I get some good news. Like she'll induce me right there on the spot. LOL right. I wish....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Have you all had the chance to check out Freak-A-Licious yet? Here is what the whole kit looks like again~
And some great CT stuffs!


Remember to snag this fun kit at the Studio!


I have a new DSS Collab out in the stores today. It's Called Freakalicious and it is SO bright and fun! This time I teamed up with an old favorite, NibblesSkribbles and a new friend, Carmen of Lightening Bug Creations. I had tons of fun working on this kit! Here is a LO I made with it~
I also made it into a QP for ya'll- Get the freebie QP HERE

This kit is huge! There are lots of little extras too, QP album, clusters, alpha, glitters!
Check out Freakalicious HERE
Here are the clusters I made to go with this kit. I will be back later with a few fun CT LO to show you! Have a great day!
ps- did you get the facebook freebie? It was an add on to the Little Bundle! missed it? become a fan of my page and never miss a freebie or sweet coupon deal again!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life at the Lake {freebie}

Remember a few weeks ago when I released this collab with the fabulous Min of Deli Scraps and Maureen of Let Me Scrapbook? Well I have finally gotten around to scrapping with it! I can't believe I waited this long! This kit is so fun to work with and is full of all sorts of elements to scrap your lake or riverside memories this summer! Here is what it looks like again-
Here is what I did with it. This first LO is using my parts only~
And this uses the whole she-bang. As you can tell, I loved all the papers and elements and could have went on forever! I made my first LO into a QP you can get HERE.
You can check this beauty out at DSS!

Tool Box

Hello everybody! Happy Monday! Hope yours is going well. I am still a planet, now requiring my own orbiting system! I am due Thurs, so any day now, but not really. Little Miss Hasn't dropped AT ALL and I am still only dilated to a 1.5. Yippies. TMI? hope not, I figure it's mostly mom's and women who read my little blog anyway. So send labor thoughts my way please, because I am done! I'll take a picture of my turkey timer AKA belly button to prove it!

Anyway, I have a fun new kit to show you all today, Tool Box by CW Picket and CO. I love the colors and texture in this kit! Here is what it looks like. You can get it HERE
Here is what I made with it. When we had family in town recently we went to the Idaho Old State Penitentiary. I love history, so I thought I'd really enjoy this- but it turned out to be a little creepy and depressing. I have lots of pictures, but these are the death row room, the room where the body hangs too, some prison weapons and an old building. It was very educational to say the least! Walking around in the cells made me so claustrophobic . Anyway, here is the LO-
I am off to go for a long walk, lets hope that gets something started! Any tips you want to share with me for getting things going? I'll take anything I can get!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nibbles Skribbles GO Sale at....

Did anybody guess Manda's new store? Well you can check it out HERE
Here are a few of the kits she has in there right now! I just love this first one, it's so cute and sweet!
And my LO~
And here is a yummy treat for everyone!
And my LO!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Littles LO's

Here are some more CT LO with the Little's Bundle. These first few are with Little Sir



And here are some with Little Miss-

Aren't they wonderful? I love my girls! Anyway, here is a look at the bundle again- You can find it at GS or DSS
Want to win this bundle for free? Leave a comment on the facebook page about what you would use this bundle for and I will randomly pick some one to win it for free! Also keep an eye on the fan page, you never know what kind of coupons might pop up! ALSO- I have prepared a freebie add on for all the Face Book Fans, but I need a few more fans to make it to 300! C'mon! help a sister out! he he if your not a fan yet, click the link on the right side to become one!