Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Waiting... And Scrapping...

Well today is officially my due date. Why do the last few days seem to drag by so unbearably slow? I am going crazy! Really I am! I haven't designed much because I don't want to start something and have it get interrupted by labor. But, perhaps that would be the trick. Start a project so the baby can come and interrupt it! Anyway, I have been catching up on a lot of scrapping. It has been really nice actually. I figure once {if ever} the Little Miss gets here, I will get far behind. I mean you know how it is with a new baby, you snap like a zillion pictures in no time. So here is what I have been working on to occupy my self-
Kit is by Marshmella Designs-
Kit by Terri's thing-o-majigs-
kit by Faith True-
Kit by NibblesSkribbles {face book freebie coming soon! If your not a fan, what are you waiting for!}
See? I've been busy. BUT at the same time I am about sick of the computer! I am ready for bigger and better things! I am off to the doctor in about an hour, so lets hope I get some good news. Like she'll induce me right there on the spot. LOL right. I wish....

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Juli and Brett said...

I hope she comes soon Steph! Sorry that she is keeping you waiting. Your LOs are fabulous!