Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool Box

Hello everybody! Happy Monday! Hope yours is going well. I am still a planet, now requiring my own orbiting system! I am due Thurs, so any day now, but not really. Little Miss Hasn't dropped AT ALL and I am still only dilated to a 1.5. Yippies. TMI? hope not, I figure it's mostly mom's and women who read my little blog anyway. So send labor thoughts my way please, because I am done! I'll take a picture of my turkey timer AKA belly button to prove it!

Anyway, I have a fun new kit to show you all today, Tool Box by CW Picket and CO. I love the colors and texture in this kit! Here is what it looks like. You can get it HERE
Here is what I made with it. When we had family in town recently we went to the Idaho Old State Penitentiary. I love history, so I thought I'd really enjoy this- but it turned out to be a little creepy and depressing. I have lots of pictures, but these are the death row room, the room where the body hangs too, some prison weapons and an old building. It was very educational to say the least! Walking around in the cells made me so claustrophobic . Anyway, here is the LO-
I am off to go for a long walk, lets hope that gets something started! Any tips you want to share with me for getting things going? I'll take anything I can get!

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Deanna said...

No tips from me, but prayers coming your way for a fast and healthy delivery for both of you!!! I don't know if this was actually THE cause for me to go into labor, but at my dr. appt. 2 weeks before my daughter was DUE I got hysterical and rather rudely told the doc I was NOT leaving until THIS THING WAS OUT OF ME!!! LOL ....ummmm...she was born about 4 hours later....