Monday, July 12, 2010

Ct Stuffs

Well, things have been quiet here on the home front, haven't they? I have had lots of family in town for about a week straight. First my familia, then my in laws. It's been nice and fun, but I am getting tired! I should be too, I only have a little under 2 weeks until the big show... aka my due date. And boy am I ready. It's hot and my back hurts, and it's just time! Unfortunately the little miss has different plans and seems to like her accommodations. I have and appt on Thurs, and I am scheduling my delivery! It is just time. I'm sure all the people having to deal with the puffy, cranky, pregnant lady will all agree! Don't worry I'll keep you all posted!

On to other more enjoyable things, I have actually had a little time to scrap with all the family around. The cousins {think 16-17 year olds} are soo good with my 3 YO that he has been tired out each day from playing! Yay for extra sleep! So I finally got caught up on some LO. This first kit is a Twitter and Facebook inspired kit. It is a collab between Manda of NibblesSkribbles and Laura of CW Picket and CO. It is so fun, perfect to scrap all the zaney things you post and the colors are great. Here is a look at the kit-
Here is my Page. I didn't do a twitter theme... I have been bad about Twitter for the last little bit, you all miss me don't you? LOL You can get this kit at DSS or DSDI
And another collab kit! I love working with collabs, so fun. This one is between Manda {she's a busy girl, trust me} and Ruby Lane Designs. It's called Summer's Eve and I love the colors and the alpha in this kit too! You can get it at DSS
And speaking of cousins, here is my little guy with my Brother's little girl. She is 5, but they are great buddies and play well together. She came to visit for a few days. I think they highlight of their day was watching cartoons in the am and eating cereal. Silly Kids.

Despite being busy, puffy, cranky, and hot, I do have a new kit... well kits coming out this weekend. It's going to be a bundle deal! AND you have the chance to win it for free, just join my facebook page {link on the right}. And once we hit 300 -we're so close- I am going to give everyone who is a fan a free add on to the kit. It will be the only place you can get the add on for FREE! After that, it will go into the stores!

Unless I get lucky and go into labor, LOL. But I doubt that will happen. If it does, I will keep you posted!

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makeyesup said...

Great layouts, think you are suppose to be trying to take it easy now since you are so close to the big day. There won't be much time to do that after the little one comes to the household. Take care.