Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something New!

Hello Scrappers! I have a few new things to show you today! First off, Michelle from my CT also cuts vinyl. Look at the super cute LapTop Sticker she made me!!! I think it looks so cute! I love to show it off! Check out her website. She has all sorts of fun stuff. My favorite is a monogram letter for your cell Phone! How fun is that?
I also have something new in my store this week. It is a set of calendar rub-ons that I am sure you will love! They are perfect for all those P365 LO's. Here is the preview.
Check out a few LO's that my CT has been doing with these.
This is ChristieDawn and She used Garage Band King.

And here is Manda using my Fashionably Grunge. See how versatile they are? Please check out my store because they are only $1!!!


My Digital LO said...

Oh I love the laptop sticker....I want one!!!

Misty said...

I LOVE the Laptop Sticker TOO!

Lucky you :)

Does she sell them?

Misty said...

ok, I'm a dork - I missed the website link on my first read. LOL