Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Make a Felt Flower Necklace

So I have been in quite the crafty mood lately. I have been making felt and satin flowers like crazy. It's a nice change from my usual hobbies. The other day I came up with a felt flower necklace and posted a few pics on Face Book. A few friends wanted to know how I made it, so I thought I'd make a little tut. Anyway, here we go-

Here is what you will need- Felt, scissors, glue gun, needle and thread, tulle {optional}, beads for center of flower, lighter and a chain. At least 18 inches long, but maybe longer depending on your flowers.
Cut 3 circles. Each one getting a little smaller. That is one flower. I made 3 for my necklace, each one a little smaller then the last.
All of my cut circles. It doesn't matter if they aren't perfectly round.
Repeat with the Tulle if you are using it. I like to put a double layer of tulle after the larger circle and again after the middle circle. I always cut a double layer of tulle because it is so thin.
Grab your lighter. Slightly burn the edges of your felt circles. If you hold it like so, the circle will curve upwards.
Carefully burn the edges of the tulle together. It melts quickly so be careful! It also really stinks. When you are done burning all the edges, your flower should look something like this-
Repeat with all three flowers-
When you are done, sew the flowers together with a simple little cross stitch. Then put a dollop of hot glue in the center of the flower and glue your beads {or buttons} down.
Now we are ready to assemble the necklace. Glue the flowers onto felt in the shape that you want your necklace to be.
When they are all arranged, trim the extra felt.
Get your chain and glue it to the back of the flowers. Make sure your chain is long enough to fit over your head. Use lots of glue to secure it down. Then place a small piece of felt over the chain to secure it more.
And we have a necklace! Pretty easy huh? What do you think? Isn't it cute? There are so many different ways to make these. I have been having too much fun making these in soooo many colors!
I have made a million flower hair pins, and brooches and necklaces! So many in fact, I think I need to give some away. Ya know just for fun! SO stay tuned on how to win a few of these!


Julie said...

Love them Steph! I do the same thing with the edges! I love the burnt edge makes it look so cool. I'm glad to see you getting crafty :)

Christie Dawn said...

SOOO cute!! Gotta try this sometime! How'd you find time to be so crafty with two kidlets?! Mine are always up in my business! :)