Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 6 {Till Christmas Eve}

So.... I don't know how but I got off on the numbering of my days... so I am counting down until Christmas eve. Jeez, I can't spell or count! What's wrong with me?!? LOL anyway-

I hope I am not posting these gifts too late, but today I am bringing you gifts for teachers. They are all super easy and too dang cute! I love this little supply box. I want those clips! Check it out HERE
And these fun little memo pads. These would also be fun for a secretary? It might make a good phone pad. Tutorial HERE
I am so in love with these skinny notebooks! Any teacher or person would love one of these. I always seem to be looking for something to write on. Learn to make on HERE
Tomorrow? A little something for the classmates!

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