Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas Hangover

Well, it's over. I think I have had a Christmas Hangover for 3 days now! I am so tired and I have a lingering headache that just wont go away. I suspect it's all the fudge I have eaten.... Just a hunch. I did have a fantastic Christmas though. My sweet hubby totally surprised me with a new Sony DSLR! He had it all set out with my stocking, just like Santa had left it. I thought that was pretty cute - 'cept it made me feel a touch guilty that I didn't make a stocking up for him. He did however, like his Ipod touch. How was your Christmas? Any of you get spoiled? Besides being pretty immobile these last few days, I have managed to get some scrapping done. Quite a bit actually. Which is good and bad. Good- I am almost all the way caught up with my 2010 photos! Bad- I have 2 collabs in the works that I should be working on {your going to love 'em!}
Anyway, here is a look at what I've been up to!
Delilah on her blessing day. It was sure hard to get her to smile back then!
Lighting of the capitol tree. Kit is by NibblesSkribbles
My boy's favorite place to be-
The Thanksgiving everybody got sick-
Corn Maze!
Poor baby. That doesn't look like a comfy way to sleep does it?
nor does this... whatever works though.
Christmas morning! Only a few of the 150+ pics I shot that day!
Delilah slept through most of the present opening.
4 months old!
Whew, I have been working like crazy! Hope you enjoyed the lo's! I'm off to learn how to use my DSLR. Anybody know of any great websites I can look through? I'd much appreciate it!

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Meagan , Brian, Sydney & Jonas! said...

Wow! I'm jealous! I got 2 layouts done over Christmas but I did finish some kits. I got spoiled by getting the XBOX kinect but I still have major envy of you and your bamboo tablet and DSLR! anyways, Merry Christmas