Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 14-Up-cycling!

Up-cycling. I love up-cycling! It's the idea of taking something old, and making it new again. In this economy, where so may are struggling to make ends meet, this is a perfect way to give beautiful, yet affordable Christmas gifts. I have a box of clothes that either no longer fit or have a small stain that is bound for Good Will. I keep visiting it for material for up-cycling. Here are a few of my favorite projects {and gifts}.
Sweater Bag. How cute is this? So easy and sooo cute! I love that Flower! Find out how to make this HERE
I love this bag. Made out of old pants! How many of us have a pile of pants we can't bear to get rid of, but due to babies and what not, our hips will never again fit into? {Sheepishly raises hand in the air} Well, here is a perfectly acceptable, dang too adorable idea. Check it out HERE
And one more. I almost put this in a different gift post {coming tomorrow} but I figured it fit better here. This has got to be the easiest up-cycling project ever. And I want one! Check it out HERE
Hope you like these ideas. The possibilities are endless. Up-cycling has saved me quite a bit of $$ this holiday season, and the recipients will love everything!

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