Monday, March 15, 2010

Need A Challenge?

Frist of all, I was a little surprised at how popular the word frames were! I think I will make them a regular freebie around here. I had a few requests for specific themes, shapes etc.. So if you have an idea, drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do you for! Thanks for all the sweet comments, I love you guys!

It feels like it has been a long while since I have just scrapped {or designed LOL} and last night I settled in and did a few challenges over at the DSS forum! The first one here is the template challenge~ What do you think? I kinda went over board for the clusters, more than usual, but I think it turned out ok!
And then this one, well let me explain... It it my messy closet. I am a shoe fiend... I'll admit it. I had about 30+ pairs of beautiful heels that I never wore anymore -it's just not feasable when chasing a 2 YO!!! Husbeast has been trying to get rid of them for years, but you know how it is!!! SHOES! Anyway, I finally did it, got rid of all the ones I never wore {I had to keep a few} and even some clothes too. I did have to keep my nasty purple Uggs, they are hideous, but the most comfy shoes I have EVER owned. So they are staying until I can afford a new pair! Anyway, this was for the font challenge, but then I posted and realized I used the wrong font! LOL Preggers here, just call me forgetful!!! Anyway, if you want to have some fun with me in the forum, check out the challenges HERE
Kits used~ Replenish by Ambowife Designs and Renewal by Mitsybelle


teresaj said...

Thanks for making the frames a freebie around here I love it. Your layouts are gorgeous and I love how you layered the paper on Young Love. I'm jealous though because when I try that my paper looks yucky and way off. Thanks again, Teresa

Michelle said...

I am excited for the frames.

Next time you go to get rid of your shoes let me know and I will snag a few for my girls to play dress up. Ashlynn had a blast going through all your shoes in Seattle. It took her about 1 hour. Do you remember?