Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CT'ing! + a little catch up

How is the digi world doing this Tuesday morning? I feel so disconnected with the scrapping world right now it's strange! I miss it, yet I can't seem to tear myself away from real life long enough to really catch up! If baby girl is sleeping then little boy wants all my undivided attention. I am really hoping he discovers his toys again soon because ever since we brought Delilah home, he has wanted nothing to do with them! Anyway, I did find the time to make a birth announcement. I think it turned out ok. If you don't really count my amateur new born photography skills!
Also, I have a few CT LO to show you. Miss CW Picket and CO has been busy! She re-released a cute little mini call Teen Beatz. You can get it here
This is what I did with it-
And she has another new release coming out this week. I am going to give you a little sneak peek by showing you my LO. Because I'll be out of town when it's released, and I still have that new mommy fog brain, so I'd probably forget anyway... But here is my LO, bet ya can't guess what the theme of the kit is!
See you all sooner then later! Make sure to update me on any digi happenings that I ought to know about! LOL

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knittinjen said...

Steph, that is SOOO cute! Though I just wanna toss a blanket over her, cuz I always picture newborns as freezing. Hehehe! I love the texture on the announcement, and I think your newborn photography skills are FABULOUS, only surpassed by your mad scrappin' skills. I LOVE the name Delilah (and thanks SO MUCH for not naming the poor kid Bella haha). Thanks for sharing!