Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remember Me?

Hello Scrapland!
I am still here! LOL I just wanted to drop in and say I will have a new kit coming out next Monday! On my little road trip across America, I decided to go with New York next. Well, I have never actually been to NY, but when I think of NY, I think of fashion. So this next kit is called Fashionably Grunge and I think you will like it. Keep your eyes open for a preview! 
Oh and I will be adding a poll to my blog. Be sure to vote as the results will directly affect your downloads!
See ya in a few days!


jamie lynette said...

So I just used one of your blog header templates to jazz up our blog. Please let me know if it is ok (or give me pointers:). I added that you designed it. You've got some great stuff on here!

Thanks - Jamie

P.S. I found your blog from my college buddies Jeff & Melissa Walker

Nicole said...

Waiting axiously. Where is it? Can't wait!