Friday, December 12, 2008

CT at Ginger Scraps

Well, I have been accepted as another CT. I am so excited and not quite sure what I have gotten myself into! LOL
I will be CT-ing with the girls of GingerScraps and couldn't be more excited! These girls have so much fun and play tons on their forum. I will be doing challenges and stuff like that. Something that I have never done before! In fact, there is a huge party kicking off tonight. Here is the invite-
You better show up! At 6 pm PST there is a speed scrap. I'm super excited as I have never done one of these before! I'm letting hubby have a "man date" to play X-Box all day, so he has to watch baby tonight. They also are going to play truth or dare afterwards. Go here to sign up and read about truth or dare. It is hilarious! I have a few things cooking in this little head of mine! So be sure to check it out

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Juli and Brett said...

Thanks for all your great work! Your kits, QPs, wordart, etc are all excellent! I really appreciate your sharing your talent. Thanks so much!