Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Cards

Hey friends! I am having too much fun with Nicole and Amber's collaboration kit Celebrate. Make sure you get to her blog!
I made these birthday cards today using elements from her and Amber's portion of the kit. I love these cards! They are 5x7, easy picture printing size. Loads of online photo services offer free prints when you sign up with them. I think I have joined Kodak, Snap-Fish, and ArtsCow to name a few. Arts Cow is my favorite though, because they give me freebies all the time. You get a ton of free photo projects just for signing up! My favorite to date? The 10 free photo books I got. These rocked. And they were good quality. So sign up with someone new, and you have your birthday invitations pre-made and all ready to go. Just type in the info before you have them printed :D
                                                                     Download here.
                                                                       Download here.
I just have to say that I loved making these. If you think I should add more stuff like this to the blog leave a comment! I think Christmas and V-day could be fun...


Amber said...

These are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

Amber said...

FYI - I added the previews and a link to your blog on my blog... :)

Sofieee said...

those are wonderful... would you mind sharing the name of the fonts used