Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Late...

No, not that kind of late. I know what you're thinking! Although my little miss is 8 months old {?!?!} and trying to crawl. Which makes my empty womb yearn for a tiny squishy newborn. But not that much. I am late posting some fabulous new stuffs! First up is a new kit by CW Picket and CO. It's called Polished and great for any one with little girlies who like to dress up-
Here is my LO, you can check it out HERE
And Check out these adorable templates I snagged at GS. Suppa cute, no?
Look at what I did. Check these out HERE {this is not the last you will be seeing of these I'm sure!}


Meagan , Brian, Sydney & Jonas! said...

love the layout! and I had to say UI love your new blog header!

Laura said...

I snagged the Be Polished LO for a blog I'm posting today! It turned out SOO cute! : )