Friday, July 31, 2009

PLEAESE!!! Vote for me!

It is the time to vote for LO's again in Survivor. I did make an immunity LO, but posted it barely late, were talking minutes! SO There was like 87 people who got immunity, so VOTE FOR ME! lol. This is Survivor, and if I get voted though, I just might have a little freebie for you on Monday! What are you waiting for! Here is the thread to cast your vote for me!
Oh and in case you didn't see, here is my LO~
Which I made with a beautiful kit by PiggyScraps design. I just love the papers in this kit. They are absolutely beautiful! Here is another LO~

You can get this fab kit HERE


Little Yancey Family said...

I voted for ya Steph!

Abby said...

I voted for you also, before you even asked! By the way, I'm tech on the Gingerscraps forum.

Erica said...

Steph- I'll put in a vote for you if you vote for me! :-) (stanworth)