Thursday, June 25, 2009

News, Sale, Sneaky and Contest! Oh MY!!

Wow lots to cover! Ok my news, I am moving next week; YAY~ I can't wait. I can finally get away from the traffic and mean people that make up Seattle (will miss the beautiful landscape though) and get back to good old ID. That said, it's going to be a quiet week next week. Just letting ya'know I'll be driving in a car 14 hours with a 2 year old... Suddenly staying in Seattle doesn't sound so bad... ha ha Ya Right! But not to worry, I still have something in store for you all, so watch this space next week!

Ok, the sale, Yup we are doing it again! A sale at STS! Hope to see you there!
Ok and here is a little peek at what I have coming for you next week. It is a 4th of July kit... and it's free! Yippie! And Just wait until you see what my CT has done with it. LOTS of great inspiration!
And, I have decided to have a little contest. The Prize? $5 GC to my STS store. The Catch? Well, I am getting sick of my blog header. So I figure since I am moving, might as well spruce up the blog a little bit too. So, I though it would be fun if one YOU got to design it. Rules~ Must use one of my kits (any one is fine). Deadline is Sunday July 5th. Please email your entries to ulrich.stephanie at gmail dot com. I will pick a winner and proudly display their work. If I get enough entries, I will also pick a runner up or two and reward them with $2 GC. Can't wait to see what all you creative people can do! Have a great rest of the week and a fun weekend!


~Tara said...

Can't wait to see the new kit Steph!! Btw, what's the size of your header?

Amber said...

Did you pick a winner yet?