Friday, April 3, 2009

To all you Addicts out there...

I know there are SS addicts out there! We have TONS planned this weekend for the GS Party! You better make it to at least one of these! Check out the forum! We are having a ball!

Hosted by: Barb
7 pm PST
8 pm MST
9 pm CST
10 pm EST

Saturday: April 4th
Hosted by: Erin
8 am PST
9 am MST
10 am CST
11 am EST

Hosted by: Stephanie
2 pm PST
3 pm MST
4 pm CST
5 pm EST

Hosted by: Misty
6 pm PST
7 pm MST
8 pm CST
9 pm EST

Sunday: April 5th
Hosted by: Christie
5 pm PST
6 pm MST
7 pm CST
8 pm EST

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