Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giveaways Galore!

Have you seen all the great stuff I am giving away? First there is my upcoming kit. You could win it HERE there is still time to enter! Hurry up!

And then there are these hair flowers. The ones I have a zillion of. I had requests to see how big they were on my and the babes. Well I tried {and perhaps failed...} to capture them. Hope this helps.
Model #1 is both beautiful and thoroughly unwilling to cooperate with me and my camera. But here is a medium sized flower-
And here is a Large size flower-
And that's about all I got out of her. So I stuck her in bed and moved on to Model #2. This model is equally attractive and equally unwilling to participate. However, bribery works well with this one and the promise of candy kept him smiling.
Here is a small flower {I would wear this clipped straight in my hair}
And my favorite thing ever are headbands like these. I hate hair in my face. B has a big melon, so I think this is pretty comparable to an adults head.

Trio of rosettes. I just made this one for V-Day. Cute huh?
And here is a bunch of them lined up on my wall-
Ok Model #3. There is no hope for her. But she loves you guys, so here it it!
Small flower clipped into my hair-
Medium flower clipped into my hair-
And me wearing a headband. I did take the time to straighten my hair for you all, but no make up, so you do not have the pleasure of seeing my happy smiling mug this morning.
Anywho, if you want to win one of these babies, check out the post HERE
Please note- the flowers that I will be giving away will be 100% brand new, never before in my hair or my kids hair. Just in case you thought I had cooties or something ;)


Kendra said...

LOVE seeing these beauties in action--now I really want to win :)

Simona said...

Yeah, me, too. Delilah has wonderful blue eyes!! That second picture is amazing!
And may I say I also fell in love with your nails?? And the nail polish colour!! I LOVE IT!!
Anyhow, I won't ask you to win, postage to Italy is way expensive ROFL!

Kimberkatt said...

Steph, these are way cool! You make them yourself?! I'm soooo not crafty in the "real world" LOL! :D

Daydreamer said...

Love them all... Very cute kids :)